You Can Have It All

You Can Have It All


By Celia Samater

The biggest reaction I get when people know I work in Saudi is one of surprise. Surprise that a woman can work, surprise that a woman with a family can work and surprise that a woman who cannot speak Arabic, nor able to drive, can work. In fact, I work full-time AND run a part-time business from the comfort of my home in Riyadh.

In my mind, anything is possible if you are determined and motivated to make it happen.
My full-time job is working as Executive Assistant to the President of Microsoft Arabia, but my real passion is my part-time business. I am a Business & Lifestyle Coach who takes a 360 approach to an individual. Whereby I look at your whole life, mind, body and soul to help you achieve a healthy body & mind as well as helping you gain financial fulfillment.

I am from the North East of England; I have 2 boys, a husband and a dog and have lived in Riyadh for 5 years. I am a certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Holistic therapist and Stress Management therapist. I am also an International Business Coach for Forever Living products. The company produces products using Aloe Vera (100% pure inner leaf stabilized gel), which focuses on Weight Management, Beauty, Health & Well Being.

I believe 100% in these products, for their health benefits and my whole family uses them as an alternative to medicinal products. Whether it is for weight loss, more youthful skin, and more energy, less illness or simply to use for beautiful make up! The wonders of Aloe Vera have been rejoiced for many centuries, even dating back to Cleopatra who used the aloe Vera as her beauty secret – claiming it was ‘The Elixir of Youth”.

As a Business Coach I mentor people in building their own Forever business to achieve what they desire. It may be a few thousand extra riyals a month or a booming international business which allows them to achieve free holidays, car plan schemes and a share in this $3 billion company. All of this is achievable from the comfort of their own home, anywhere in the world.

Setting up a business in Saudi Arabia has its complications, but it is not insurmountable. I have worked my way through the complexities so my team don’t have to. Transport is easily available; many people are bi/multi-lingual with English being the most common 1st or 2nd language. Customs regulations can create delays, however, Aramax is a wonderful invention!! If you are lucky enough to live on a compound, there is a real community spirit and a support network that is readily available.

I work closely with other countries, including the Middle East Operations Director so we can break down barriers and encourage more women to take the leap of faith and start to realize their own potential and start earning money whilst living in Saudi Arabia. Once they leave Saudi, they can take this business anywhere else in the world and continue to flourish.

For more details about me, my products and services please check out my website: – Fitness & Nutrition Coaching – Join The Business / Buy Health, Beauty & Well-being Products

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