WSB Inspiring Women: Aahd Kadiri

WSB Inspiring Women: Aahd Kadiri

  • Tell us about yourself?

I am an animal lover and rescuer since my childhood; I started rescuing in Saudi Arabian in 2009 as soon as I arrived in Riyadh.

I am a wife and a mother of a 3 years old boy, Noah and 3 fur babies; Bronze, AZ and Teeny.

  • What made you start Tail?

Since I started rescuing in Riyadh, I cared for so many dogs and cats, it started with the animals I rescued and adopted out, to the pets of people I don’t personally know but they know I care for animals and trusted me because of my animal welfare activities.

On a personal level, I had to limit my travel time since I have 3 fur babies and every time I leave them at a kennel when I travel something bad happens, dogs do get depressed when left in a cage 24/7, they don’t understand why they are there and why their family has left them, they don’t get exercises nor the love they need.

So Tail – a home-based boarding facility with no kennels –  was the answer for a lot of other parents who have furbabies and hate leaving them in kennels while they travel. Tail is a one of a kind facility in Riyadh, if not in Saudi Arabia (especially for dogs).

  • How long have you been in business in Riyadh?

Tail was established on Facebook in 2017 by another person (a friend of mine) who also suffered from the lack of good kennels in Riyadh, she started it as a Facebook page but she couldn’t care for big dogs due to her accommodations, so I suggested to be a partner and care for the big ones while she takes care of the small ones; But before even starting to advertise for it, and before receiving our first dog, she had got a job meaning she won’t be able to care for any dogs due to her work of course. So I continued by myself to handle the Tail page and started the business.

Few months after I started Tail, and after the huge satisfaction of all our customers, and after the 5 stars reviews we have got, people started asking us to care for their cats as well, so we have got a new location for the cats boarding, also a home-based facility with no kennels, of course, both homes are under Tail.

  • Have you had formal training in animal behaviour or are you self-taught?

I have been around dogs since I was a child and I also got a lot of training from trainers back home when I had issues with my own dog who had some behavioural issues.

You learn a lot being around dogs especially when you have spent all your life around them. Every dog has his own character and behaviour, but at the end of the day, all dogs can be trained and managed when you have the patience, the persistence and the assertive attitude.

I have read a lot about dogs behaviour plus being around all kind of dogs, from the couch potato to the aggressive ones have helped massively to build enough experience on how to deal with animals in particular dogs.

  • What does Tail offer?

Tail offers home-based boarding facility (for dogs and cats), daycare, pet relocation and dogs training.

  • What makes Tail unique?

Tail is the only home-based boarding facility (especially for dogs) cage-free in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We offer a safe environment for the pets, dogs and cats will be treated like our own pets, because we have pets and we know how precious they are to their families. Walking the dogs in our care is a must, because I know how important a walk is for a dog, it builds an amazing bond with the dog and the handler. Of course, the dogs get a playdate in a secured park and they get to play with each other the remaining of the day inside the house. They are fed twice a day, all at the same time and we make sure every pet is well fed and eating his portion as advised by his parents.

A lot of Tail’s customers have said that their dogs went back to them better behaved than before they come to us.

  • What is a typical day like for you?

Waking up every day at 5 am during summer and 7 am during winter time, walk the dogs. If they are more than 6, I walk twice with them, sometimes we get help from other people. The dogs get their first meal then sleep, the dogs who like water get a pool time under strict supervision (which is in our backyard) and I take them for a playdate in one of the secured parks in the diplomatic quarter for some off-leash time arou4 pm4pm, they get their second meal around 8 pm and their last walk would be around 10 pm.

  • What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Being around dogs is a pleasure for me not a work. Plus, I enjoy watching Noah (my 3 years old boy) dealing and caring for dogs since his early years, this has helped a lot in building his personality.

  • What is the hardest part about your work?

The hardest part: I am always anxious if a pet under our care get sick

  • What advise would you give women considering starting their own business in the Kingdom?

Dare, you can do it, it only need courage and self confidence.

  • Do you have a quote or motto that you live by?

“Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surrender yourself with happy, warm and genuine people” Tena Desae








  • Glen Hutchison
    Posted at 03:23h, 05 October Reply

    I have personally known her for close to 8 years. She has personally taught us some strategies dealing with our retired police drug dog. Where the normally accepted train of thought differs with our situation as our dog’s training goes against traditional training and ”NO” wasn’t in his vocabulary. Truly shows how it is possible to train an old dog with new tricks. She is the best! Feel free to contact me for a reference.

  • Kadiri laila
    Posted at 10:36h, 05 October Reply

    Bravo ma petite soeur. Je suis trop fière de toi et du travail humain que vous faites. Continuez.

  • Sharen Petrie
    Posted at 14:41h, 06 October Reply

    Ahad does all of this and so much more! Ahad, you are a saviour for ill treated and abandoned dogs. You have forged a huge network of other animal rescuers and this has saved many dogs and given them happy, safe lives with new families….

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