Why everyone needs Buzz

Why everyone needs Buzz


by Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe

Regardless of how small or large your business is you need buzz.  If no one knows you exist, or what your brand signifies, then it is unlikely you will find customers. But to get started with buzzing your business, you need to first define what your brand should stand for and define your ideal customers.

Defining your brand can be done independently but it helps to call in an expert who can advise you and also provide you with an industry landscape so you know best how to position yourself.

Very simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what to expect from your product or services and it also differentiates your offering from the competitors’ offerings. Your brand is thus derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be?

An individual consultant may want to be known as a speedy worker who can meet tight deadlines and is always reliable. Or she may like to be known as an innovator who is very creative.  A product may be the high cost, high quality option or the low cost, high value option or the niche option or the fashionable option etc. You can’t be all things to all people.  A branding expert can help you define your business or service best and then help you shape your buzz campaign to target the right audience.

Of course you need a powerful, compelling logo and tag line, which tells a story about your brand. This can be done best after you know what your brand signifies and what values it must convey.

As part of the branding exercise, you and your expert would have defined your ideal audience. Go beyond the basic demographics and even psychographics and build a profile of Tina or Sara or Robert or Abdul who is your ideal customer. Where does he or she work, what do they do for entertainment, imagine their hobbies, their family & their influencers etc.

Once you know what your ideal customer doing, you can plan your buzz campaign. A young college student is best reach via social media campaigns, contests and instagram and facebook posts. An mid 30s office going professional could be targeted via business magazines and newspaper articles and linked in posts. A young mother may be pressed for time and may prefer an article in a women’s magazine or facebook group for mothers or a short informative newsletter.

Read on to hear more about the world of branding & reputation in future WSB newsletters or reach out to me and we can have a chat over coffee.

Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe is a storyteller & career communicator. She is available to consult with businesses of all sizes across the GCC during her tenure in the Kingdom. She lives in the DQ with her diplomat husband and two fur babies Sandy & Puppichino. You can visit her profile on linked in. https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepamthomasor email her on deepathomas@gmail.com

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