What makes me Happy?

What makes me Happy?

By Sairah Zubair Khan

As January is fast approaching, I have started to look forward to the New Year butalso reminisce about the year, we have left behind. I came across this pictureand it inspired me to think ‘what makes me happy?’

Things to be Happy about

All of the above are very valid to a peaceful co-existence but I would like to add a few more…

I really am happiest, when I have a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day. It’s lovely to regroup and chat with the family. The candle that my child bought from her pocket money, makes me happy! When my other child, makes me a cup of tea because I am tired, well that’s just bliss!

It’s the simple things in life, a smile, a funny joke, a nice message…

Sometimes we focus on material possessions for our happiness. It really is far simpler to look around and be grateful for what we already possess.

From a mental health perspective, there are certain elements that can enhance a positive outlook on life. For example, finding mental toughness in a difficult situation. When you can get through a tough day and still have belief in yourself, that you did the right thing for theright situation.

Also having confidence in yourself. That you are so secure in your belief system, that you do not need to compete withanyone or anything. You do not have time to worry about things, that are simplyout of your control.

Courage is listening to that quiet voice atthe end of the day. It can be so powerful that it resonates like a roar. It is having self-belief and that ability to carry on…

 Self-improvement is gratification. Learning a new skill and using it effectively. When your child comes home and tells you all about their amazing day! How everything was great! It makes the small struggles seem so worth it.

Often, events occur and afterwards, we see the wisdom and power of a higher being. Having faith in The Almighty, enables us to count our blessings. We look and admire those who are perceptively higher than us, be it in wealth, health or attractiveness. Yet when our fortunes are reversed, we suddenly realise how fortunate and blessed we really are.

Do we practice thankfulness and encourage our loved ones to do the same? The small things in my life matter tome and with age and maturity, they have suddenly become so important. I take pride in my child, repeating phrases so familiar to me, kind words from an outsider.

Rain in a desert, a flower that has bloomed, fruit that is ripe from the sun. All these things so small yet so satisfactory!

Otherthings that I am grateful for, clothes that fit! Hurrah! Finding that lastpiece of ’carefully’ hidden dark chocolate in the back of the fridge, having the TV to myself to watch my never-ending cookery shows!

The baby turtle that shows me love, by placing his head on my hand, at the end of along day. He is a voiceless creature but in that one look, I know my little one is ready for his bed.

 A nice smell that diffuses from the oven, whilst the kids bake. The sound of laughter and coughing and spluttering, when something funny has happened…

All so worthwhile to HAPPINESS in my life. At times the world is bleak, and times are hard but taking a moment, to focuson my inner core and well-being is tremendously important.

It centres me in readiness for life’s challenges.

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  • Arundhathi
    Posted at 01:56h, 02 January Reply

    Hello Sairah Zubair Khan,
    So beautifully you have expressed…..it resonated with my being! Congratulations!!
    All the best and wish you many more such write ups from your soul in 2019!
    Aru Ramisetty

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