Volunteerism – (If that’s a social term?!?)

Volunteerism – (If that’s a social term?!?)

By Anya Mohammed

For a lot, the concept of providing someone “free service” is almost non-existent. For them, everything is related to what or how much a certain input of their time and effort will bring to them. Some of us even do jobs that we don’t enjoy only because it might pay us well or bring us some other material benefit. But… What if… along with the things we don’t really like to do, we could do things that we actually like? It may not bring us some material benefit, but isn’t personal joy and contentment a heavier payment? What if… all of us could start believing in” volunteerism?! “

I have noticed communities that focus on volunteering bring forth more hard-working and intellectual individuals. I think that’s because in life we all have tasks and responsibilities to take care of which we don’t really look forward to, but by volunteering in an area of personal interest, we can get a higher sense of self-contentment which is a very important tool towards success. We all know that what a “good deed” it is to volunteer in an old home, or by looking after cancer patients, but what if there are more options?! At volunteer WSB, there is a place for almost everyone. If you have determination and the ability to be a part of a team, then there is place for you. As a member in the volunteer team at WSB, I came to do things which I would never have time for in daily life, like writing, meeting new people and trust me some of them have become very good friends. I feel it is one of the things I enjoy doing and because of the self-contentment I get from that, I am able to perform better at tasks which are not my favorite. Research shows that those who perform pro bono activities also feel more loved and needed than those who do not because volunteering helps build compassion, fortify social relationships and feeds a sense of belonging. What a wonderful finding!

We grow by being a helping hand, by giving a chance for others to grow. We learn better by helping others learn. We become happier by enabling others to get a grasp on their happiness. We become better people, wiser individuals and more human. At volunteer WSB we can help you with all that if you can give us your unconditional help. As Gordon Hinckle said “One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” As a volunteer, I could not agree more!

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