by Anya Anam Mohammed


We have all heard how volunteering helps others and that it’s a sacred duty to serve humanity, however, how many of us have considered the benefits volunteering gives us?! Yes, to help others in need is an act of humanity! Yes, to provide unconditional care to those in need is a sanctified act no matter what sect, nation or religion you come from… BUT… if we look deep enough volunteering can feed our souls and inner selves. If we think about it, all the important roles we play in life, those that actually matter, are similar to that of volunteering. Friendship, motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood, wifehood are all roles we play for others and at the same time get the self satisfaction that the human soul thrives on. What gain do we get out of these roles? We are not at all “paid” to play these roles, rather it is from our deepest desires to be blessed with such responsibilities in life. I guess this is where what someone said really turns out to be true “Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.”

Great things can never be measured, love, care, humanity, kindness are all voluntary acts. So why not spread these acts a little out of our circle of reach? Why not reach out to the ones who perhaps, need it a bit more? All of us need each other as human beings. We are created as a single system that must work together to bring about a change and make a difference, THAT is humanity. Being human to one another is what MAKES us humans. Nobody becomes less of themselves by giving a little more of their love, care and time. By volunteering, we not only connect to others, but also grow as a person. This allows us to come across different experiences from different people and that awakens the mind and body further. Nothing relieves stress more than a meaningful connection to another person. This will also help build your social skills while giving you lifelong relationships to cherish.

WSB volunteering is here to make all that difference possible for you and for others. We are a family who aims to develop strong and meaningful bonds without expecting anything material in return. We only hope to provide a better environment for everyone as well as ourselves. Just like the mind cannot operate without a body, we cannot function alone and therefore need your support as well as love. Help us make our community, society and the world a better place to thrive and grow in. Let us make our lives worthwhile and give our coming generations a reason to be proud of and a role model to follow. We are not separate individuals; we are all connected in one way or another, so let’s allow this connection to flourish by doing the things that matter and are priceless, the acts that we can never put a dollar sign on! Just remember “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew.

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