Turning Obstacles into Opportunities – Interview by Maria Cometti

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities – Interview by Maria Cometti


Glowork founder, Khalid AlKhudair, talks to WSB about building the first women’s employment agency in Saudi Arabia and his advice for ladies looking for professional development opportunities.

When Mr. Khalid AlKhudair founded Glowork in 2011, 95% of recruitment activities were taking place offline. Without formal channels of recruitment, finding a job in Saudi Arabia relied almost completely on “who you know”. Enter Glowork. The countries first women’s employment agency has revolutionized the recruitment industry for women in Saudi Arabia, where the majority of university graduates are female. Glowork’s e-platform connecting job seekers and employers has helped over 30,000 women find jobs.

Although being the first mover in any industry can have major benefits, the challenges can be just as abundant. Much of Mr. AlKhudair’s work has involved convincing companies to employ women. Needless to say, if you step into any large shopping mall or supermarket in Riyadh, it is apparent that Mr. AlKhudair’s efforts have paid off. Female cashiers and retail associates are now commonplace and other industries are likely to follow suit.

Jobs are not one size fits all. Although traditional jobs are desired by many women, just as many desire flexibility and the ability to work from home. In order to meet these needs, Glowork has convinced companies to utilize remote work stations, allowing women to work from their homes. Through these innovative remote work stations, employers are still able to track productivity and monitor their employees. Glowork for example, employs 25 recruiters working from home in Al Ahsa. The recruiters work full time, 8 hours/day. Utilizing the remote work stations has even saved the company 15 percent a month on standard employment costs.

Ladies living in Riyadh are also likely familiar with other “Glow” brands. Mr. AlKhudair has launched Glowfit, boutique fitness and health club, and the Glowbistro restaurant and café is now opening it’s second location. (see WSB Leyla wa Leyla’s review of Glowbistro here: https://www.wsbksa.com/2017/02/01/glowbistro/)

Mr. AlKudair gave WSB his advice for women looking for development opportunities. Glowork is holding the HR Innovation Summit 16th-17th April 2017. This is a must-attend event for all professionals involved in developing human capabilities, organizational effectiveness, and performance management in Saudi Arabia; Hrisglowork.com

For ladies with a flair and passion for fitness, Glowfit is looking for female trainers. If you have professional skills that you would like to teach others, Glowork is open to collaborate on hosting workshops. Mr. AlKhudair also recommends exploring Suplift.com, the collaborative platform for learning and practicing hobbies. Suplift helps people who want to learn new skills or hobbies find local coaches and experts to mentor them. From creative writing, to guitar, to makeup application, suplift has it covered and the platform is in English.

As if the Glow-portfolio isn’t enough, Mr. AlKhudair continues to turn obstacles into opportunities and admits that new and exciting projects keep him energized. He most recently launched the Glowcard, giving cardholders discounts and exclusive access to exciting products and venues. Mr. AlKhudair’s tireless pursuit for the betterment of society has won him countless international awards and accolades. WSB is fortunate to be connected to such a change-maker and we thank Mr. AlKhudair for this interview.

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