Top 100 Free Online Courses from the Best Universities

Top 100 Free Online Courses from the Best Universities


It’s estimated that most college graduates have over $37,000 in loans. And instead of spending money on traveling, these poor young professionals have to pay it back. It seems that education is worth a fortune.

This might seem crazy, but many well-known universities offer free online courses.

Take a look at our list of 100 free online courses from top universities. It will help you to choose!

This collection has many subjects on multiple platforms (like Coursera, Coursmos, Lynda, and others of their kind). So keep reading, and you will learn more about these exciting programs.

Let’s start!

  1. untitled-png1Poetry in America: Modernism at Harvard University

Have you ever been interested in poetry but never had enough time to study? The Open courses Harvard portal is an excellent opportunity for you.

  1. Popular Culture and Narrative: Literature Comics and Cultureat the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Spiderman, Wolverine, Well, and Captain America are the heroes of our times. Have you ever thought of studying comics as a subject? Now you have the opportunity. This course gives you a chance to discover comics and literature from a new perspective. So be quick to take it, and it may change your attitude towards studying.

Getting Started with Essay Writing at the University of California

  1. untitled-png2The course can supply you with all the skills needed for being successful in essay writing.

There’s an audit option for all the classes in this specialization. It allows you to get all the course materials for free. The only downside is that free online certifications are unavailable.

  1. Start Writing Fictionat Open University

Are you ready to take your writing to a new level? Then do it with one of the free online writing courses! After completing this course, you’ll see that online schools are worth trying.


  1. Developing Your Research Projectat the University of Southampton

The world is continuously changing, and there is always a need for research. And at college, there are research projects assigned in a variety of subjects. If you plan to start your studies, this course is for you. It will increase your awareness of the obstacles you may face.

  1. Academic English Writingat the University of California

It’s one of the free college courses online (available in audit mode). It will help make your essay persuasive and exciting to read. So, do you want to improve your academic writing? Then join Coursera and complete this course.

  1. Hamlet’s Ghostat Harvard University

Become closer to the world’s classics. Discover Hamlet as one of Shakespeare’s literary masterpieces of all times.


  1. Culture of Services: New Perspective on Customer Relationsat Kyoto University

This course will give you an understanding of what customer service is and what its culture is like. You’ll also learn how to perform customer service research. Or analyze interactions with customers, design, and critique services.

  1. How to Change the Worldat Wesleyan University

Poverty and discrimination are only some issues faced by the world. This course will help you learn more about global problems, and gives advice on how you can positively affect them.


  • Innovation: The Fashion Industryat the University of Leeds

This course is for fashion lovers. And for people who are interested in learning more about their favorite brands.

It is one of the free online courses with certificates. After completion, you can feel free to call yourself an expert in fashion and innovation.

  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performanceat Monash University

Online classes of this course explain why well-being is essential, and attempt to change your opinion on this topic.

  • Visualizing Japanat Harvard University

The beauty and peculiarity of Japan thrill every traveler. Discover the modernity and westernization of this Asian country with one of the numerous Harvard online courses.


  1. Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Changeat the University of Michigan

You’ll learn the way social workers help others. You’ll find out about the values, themes, and techniques they use. Also, the course will tell you about the strategies used to address social justice challenges. This course is proof that distance learning can bring real results.

  • Future Citiesat ETH Zurich

Probably, you have never thought about a city as a complicated system that consists of interdependent components.

People, buildings, and streets are all critical parts of the artificial organism. Learning more about it will help you see the future.


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