“This is you!” -Confidence & Creativity Inspired by The Riyadh International Quilt Guild

“This is you!” -Confidence & Creativity Inspired by The Riyadh International Quilt Guild


By Leigh-Jane Obermayer

You’d be wrong to think that the quilting guild here in Riyadh is only about sewing. This organisation has been around since the early 1980’s and is still going strong. What’s their secret?

I took a peek into one of the best-kept secrets of Riyadh and the Quilting World one Saturday morning. Whilst driving to the meeting, images of a small circle of ladies sitting in a room looking over headmistress style glasses with needles thrashing through colourful patches of fabric, I was certainly in for a surprise. The room was filled with ladies and being a little timid around crowds, they soon made me feel very welcome.

The art of Quilting, some believe dates back more than

5,000 years ago, with the oldest still in existence “The Tristan Quilt” exhibited in the V & A Museum, London. Quilting (derived from the Latin word ‘culcita’ meaning stuffed stack) is essentially stitching which holds three layers of the quilt ‘sandwich’ together while forming a decorative design.

According to its members, there’s no “typical” meeting, each brings new insights, techniques, tips and challenges, still, there is a set program for each month. During my visit, I was fortunate to take in a reflective and inspiring message from a long-standing member’s “Tips & Tricks” presentation: “Finished is better than Perfect”

This presentation struck a cord, how many projects have I started with all good intentions of making it a

‘Master Piece’ and ending with not having the time to complete it?

The message to her fellow quilters: Do not compare

Technology can be a friend or a foe

Don’t point out your own mistakes (we are our own worst critic).

Other activities during a meeting include, door prize draws, fabric (or quilting tool ) swaps and the Block of the month, (BOM) which is a monthly program whereby members are working towards their own annual quilt. This year the ladies are “Quilting a Rainbow” where a colour is selected for each month and members are creating a block (piece of a quilt) in this Colour.

Coincidently, November’s colour is Purple, an excellent choice for WSB Newsletter readers.

In addition, the ladies have a “Show and Tell” where members share their work, inspirations and experiences while creating their Quilt.

After the meeting, delicious refreshments can be enjoyed which are brought in by the members, before some of them settle down for an interesting afternoon workshop, where new techniques can be learnt.

There is an impressive library which members can borrow and an online book reference.

Meetings are held every third Saturday of the month from September to May at an easily accessible location in Riyadh. Membership costs 150sr per year or guest members can join for 30sr per visit.

The Riyadh Quilt Guild welcome, inspire, teach and explore and assure whilst accomplishing beautiful creations and giving back to the community. Every member is an inspirational woman, this is you!

If you would like to know more about membership or interested in their trips, charity involvements and special events please visit their

website: www.riyadhquiltguild.blogspot.com or email: RiyadhQuiltGuild@gmail.com

Next Guild Meeting: Saturday 18th November 2017

For Quilting services outside of Riyadh Quilt Guild membership, please contact the following for supplies and classes:

Evelyn’s Quilting Room – mockfaiz@yahoo.com


The Crafts Hub – www.thecraftshub.net

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