The story of a green dream

The story of a green dream

By Muna Alamer

It is an idea that turned into a project that turned into a business that turned into a lifestyle. When we started the business 8 years ago and as students, we had no idea that we will go this far and as partners, we often talk about how this business turned us to be better people.

Naqaa Sustainability Solutions is a social enterprise that provides environmental sustainability solutions and consultations for businesses across the kingdom specially in the field of recycling. We are an all-women managerial team as we were 4 partners who started the business in 2011 with this one vision of introducing recycling in our university’s campus and that was in Dar Al-Hekma University in Jeddah. 8 years later and we are proud enough to walk into fine dining restaurants with our eco-friendly metal straws.

In a country where 15 million ton of solid waste is produced on a yearly basis, it was never easy to explain the importance of environmental sustainability practices. However, we think that now is the time. Every day we meet people who share their interest and go the extra mile to do their part to help to preserve the planet.

Today, we have more than 50 clients in different parts of the kingdom and we have planned and executed many green campaigns to launch and promote green practices for some of the clients. We couldn’t be happier than to see how Naqaa is contributing to Vison 2030 by ensuring a sustainable life in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Environmental sustainability matters have never been this urgent but the awareness has not been this high either. What we find motivating is when we receive a call from a passionate employee who is usually a lady asking us how she could sell our services to her management.  This lady would meet us and do the needed homework simply because she finds not recycling is too frustrating and someone must do something to start somewhere. We are witnessing the positive change not only because of the change in environmental regulations but also because more women are joining the Saudi workforce and slowly imposing values like care, values that are helping all of us to be better human beings.

Muna Alamer

Co founder in Naqaa Sustainability Solutions

Instagram: @naqaaSustain

Twitter: @naqaasusstain



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