The Pleasures of Baking with your daughter

The Pleasures of Baking with your daughter

By Syeda Maria Sarfaraz

I snapped these photos when my 3 yrs old daughter came into the kitchen and wanted to bake a cake with me. I think she loves baking. Loves it, loves it, loves it, loves it.

Anything having to do with mixing in the bowl, adding ingredients makes her happy.

Why should we involve our kids in Baking, What are the benefits ??

BAKING BUILDS MATH SKILLS:   By measuring ingredients they learn basic maths skills like , 3 cups of flour, 2 table spoon sugar and so on .

BAKING ENRICHES ORAL VOCABULARY: When kids do not know what certain words on a recipe mean. For example, words like beat, whip, cream are important words to know when cooking, but may need some explanation (and demonstration!)

BAKING BOOSTS READING SKILLS: Learning to follow the steps of a recipe is an important reading skill that will translate later into your child being able to understand how to read directions.

In the end, I’ll say if you are involving your child in baking it is time to be ready for the messy kitchen and messy hands.. They will even break things and cry if ingredients are not going according to their imagination or according to the result they were expecting. But it is also the best way to connect with your child in the current world of iPad, iPhone and TV.

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