The Joy of Love – all year round

The Joy of Love – all year round

By Lizzie Daniell

So with the celebration of love just around the corner, are we feeling loved, thought of, or wondering why we celebrate this crazy day at all! 

Love…. Love is why we celebrate! It doesn’t have to be just that day though, we could add another 364 days to the formula and feelings and make it a permanent fixture to all! 

Love comes in so many forms: love of children, a parent, partner, puppy, friend, plants, life and the universe. All are just as wonderful and magnificent and deserve the time and honour, so as to create that feeling of warmth and ahhhhh!

Love makes us feel wanted, secure, happy and blessed and gives us the energy to continue especially when things are difficult or broken!

But where does it all start?

It starts with us, with love of SELF! Not always easy to take on board, I know, but I believe it does. If we can love ourselves from the beginning, it helps us feel the same emotion to others, without a need to receive it back. Really, I hear you say?

Yes really!!

This is a mantra I was blessed to have been taught growing up, through family, understanding, being shown how to do it. Many times it comes wrapped in different ways, not everyone has the same start in life, but if we look around us, it comes to us in many ways and not always as we had hoped or expected!

However it began, it doesn’t mean we can’t receive it, honour it and learn to accept it – under grace in the perfect way (you probably hear me saying this a lot). We are all worth receiving it and in doing so we learn to pass it on – even in difficult situations. Did you know you can turn a tricky situation around by showing love to another person (which can include compassion and forgiveness).

So look for those signs and remember to accept, learn and pass on. Love is so powerful it moves mountains and helps us often turn an issue into a joy – it does!!

All our actions in life have a reaction, so let’s make love our main one and watch those results come flooding back to us.

Love creates Miracles upon Miracles! Let’s create for ourselves this whole lifetime and beyond.

It is our contract this lifetime.

With so much love and joy… until next time

Lizzie whizz

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