Terrace Grill – Restaurant Review

Terrace Grill – Restaurant Review


On a cold winter Riyadh evening, in the lobby of the
Marriott hotel, I fell in love… with a T-bone steak.

Upon arrival to the Terrace Grill, my husband and I were
greeted by a dapper host and a display of bottles that
made us forget where we were for a moment. The
restaurant was spaciously divided and had small intimate
tables, ones to accommodate much larger parties, an
outdoor terrace, as well as a semi-private room. We took a
small central table next to the open kitchen.

If you’re looking to go someplace nice, Terrace Grill is
undoubtedly a sophisticated dinner destination. Dark
hardwood floors, dim lighting with pink hues that make for
a romantic feel, subtle music for when you want it and for
when you don’t, elegant soft-spoken waiters in suits, and a
little something for the boys – a cigar room with
a fine selection of fancy Cubans.


Our waiter persuaded us to try the non-alcoholic wine and
so we ordered a bottle of their finest red as we browsed
through the electronic menu. As we sat there, tablets in
hand, I came to the quick realization that maybe we
should have taken a bigger table… much bigger. The
appetizers varied but consisted mainly of cold seafood
starters and classic soups such as French onion and
lobster bisque. You definitely don’t need to be a meat
lover to eat here.

With a click on the tablet, my husband ordered the foie
gras which came beautifully presented in two big pieces,
seared nicely and complimented by the standard
cranberry and apple compote. This dish was not only
sizeable but so rich that perhaps we should have just
shared it… but of course we didn’t. I had the prawn and
lobster starter which is just what I expected it to be: tasty
and light, but what really made the plate was the

refreshingly poignant apple ginger salad. Just yum!


Although the goat-cheese beetroot salad and burrata
caprese were tempting, we went for the asparagus
avocado and chicken Caesar. I’m not sure how descriptive
I can be about a salad, but lets just say there were no

regrets about either one. None at all.

With the appetizers and salads out of the way and the
mains en route, the self doubt started kicking in. Am I
really going to get through a 14 oz. T-bone on my own
after all that? What was I thinking? Not to mention the
sides of jumbo asparagus, parmesan crusted home
fries, sautéed mushrooms, and three sauces. Then
suddenly, there it was in front of me. A
moderately marbled cut of Australian certified black
Angus cooked to a perfect medium. Ok, maybe I can do
this after all.

Hubby ordered the jumbo prawns (and a 14 oz. Wagyu
steak as a side dish, but lets not dwell on that) which was
nicely cooked and flavorsome. I’ve never been a fan of
jumbo prawns but I happily ate an entire one. I
would definitely come back to Terrace Grill and try one of
the many non-steak options on the menu.

Dessert? Nope. No way. Never.
So, we had the chocolate truffle and strawberry
lemon shortcake. One massive slice each beautifully
presented with a sugar glass shard. Needless to say, we
had one bite and took the rest home for a zesty,
chocolatey breakfast. Sweet.

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