Store Review: Organic Store

Store Review: Organic Store

By Kelly Downing

My family values natural ingredients and, as such, I travel around town to re-stock some of our healthier food choices.  Over the past year, I have eagerly eyed the Organic Store as its storefront took shape in Aqeeq.  Its modern design and large size signalled it might be a good spot for a cosmopolitan family to do a major grocery haul.  The good news is that the doors officially opened this past week.  The better news is what lies within promises to deliver organic variety at prices that are kind to a family budget.  As the executive manager, Mohannad, shared, they operate with the goal of making organic foods available to everyone.  A 375g box of cornflakes runs SAR12.

Organic Store is owned by Alhagbani Group.  This is their first venture into organic foods and they are determined to get it right.  Their product mix is deliberate. Extensive varieties of pasta, flours (including gluten-free), coffee, nuts, sauces, spices, canned goods and spreads are currently available.  A wide range of olive oils incorporates many origins and price points. Eva’s Walk, an award-winning Greek EVOO, is one that they showcase.

This is the first organic store in Riyadh that feels like a full-fledged grocery store.  Stand out features include a bakery (currently producing breads and manaeesh; pizza is coming soon), an ice cream station (with Danish ice cream and Italian toppings), as well as an extensive produce section (sourced from five organic-certified Saudi suppliers).  A salad bar will serve fresh cheese and olives. 

New items arrive daily, so if you are looking for a specific item, you may want to wait for shelves to fill.  Or, better yet, call to ask their English-speaking employees.  This week I spotted only two kid-specific items: juice boxes and shaped pasta.  Yet, an extensive line of products is expected, including organic baby formula.  By the end of the year, 1,700 products will be offered and departments including home cleaning and personal hygiene will be added.

Organic Store is located in Aqeeq. The Location is between King Fahad Road and the first circle on Prince Saud bin Muhammad Road.  Opening hours are currently from 4 to 10pm.  An app is in the works that will provide delivery services.  In the meantime, check their Instagram (@organicstoresa) for updates or call the store directly at 0114012282.

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