Smaller Classes are Better with FitZone

Smaller Classes are Better with FitZone

Nestled among the long expanse of Takhassussi’s burger joints and confectionary shops, but just before the looming Financial District is a new fitness gem in town. In its fifth week, FitZone offers women another gym alternative among the growing fitness mindset in Riyadh for women.

FitZone is on the first floor of the Learning Zone – a hard-to-miss colorful building that offers various activities for toddlers and adolescents including art, science, sports and coming soon a nursery for even the tiniest fitness enthusiast. After you enter the building, walk past the front desk to the right and head toward the stairs (there is an elevator as well). My initial impression was like that of anyone who receives a brand new phone, TV or designer bag – awe and hesitation to touch anything, but eager to try everything!

Gym Manager, Agne, gave me a tour of the new facility pointing out its fluidity with glass enclosed studios with carefully placed frosted waves, all in a calculated design effort to convey a sense of openness, tranquility and relaxation.

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In addition to the studios, women have an area on the second floor that is reminiscent of an outdoor cafe. With a light and airy atmosphere, the room offers various seating options including an outdoor space that will hopefully be a regular home to some open-air yoga sessions. This common area has a coffee bar and barista available for a pre- or post-workout healthy snack.

It’s a very intimate setting, but that’s what differentiates FitZone. Rather than the en masse fitness corporate mindset, FitZone has a philosophy of keeping classes small so everyone receives necessary attention, which is key to any successful fitness regime – form over everything else!

FitZone has seven instructors including three Saudi women offering a diverse and dynamic environment. Classes vary including the mainstays of Zumba, Step and Pilates to the more contemporary UGI, Suspension Training, HIIT and soon Air Yoga. Agne confided that there are more surprises waiting for those eager to participate in the latest fitness trends! In addition to their group exercises, FitZone has state-of-the-art machines – one of the first women’s facilities I’ve seen with actual, legitimate Stairmill – including elliptical, treadmills, as well as other standard equipment.

As someone who appreciates the outdoors and doesn’t live on a compound, FitZone certainly alleviates the sense of claustrophobia that is sometimes present in women-only facilities. The rooms are cozy, the largest studio is meant to accommodate 20-25 participants maximum. Others like the suspension training studio are meant to have 8-10 students.

Working women who would like a reprieve from sitting all day or staring at a computer screen and get a vigorous workout in the middle of the day have no fear! Showers are readily available accompanied by beauty tools to ensure you can return fresh and fit!

In collaboration with the Learning Zone, FitZone offers women and their children a facility that accommodates the busiest of schedules.

As such, I’m sure classes will start to fill up once this gem is uncovered, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can! FitZone continually offers promotions on classes and membership, so be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

FitZone Profile

Opened: January 2016
Location:  First Floor, The Learning Zone

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