Sidi Mansour – Restaurant Review

Sidi Mansour – Restaurant Review


You will, no doubt, have noticed the local, business marketing strategy peculiar to Saudi – group all similar businesses together in one district, and leave the customers to opt for the best one. Need furniture? Take a ride to Exit 16. For electrical light fittings, catch an Uber to the Dhahran Road. Fancy shawarma? Send your man, of course, to the middle of Tahlia.

Fondly known as such, the street is officially named Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Street, but no-one ever calls it that. These cool evenings see Tahlia’s pavement lined with customers sitting outside the shawarma takeaways. But how does our one shawarma shop, with so many reclining customers outside, set itself apart from the others? Firstly, by enigmatically repeating the Tahlia model: being known for one thing (great Turkish kebabs, AKA shawarma) whilst officially being named as another – the Tunisian, Sidi Mansour. Secondly, all the dishes are prepared in-house with fresh chicken and meat from Forsan. Trimmed and marinated on site, giving a unique and delicious flavour. For a final stroke of genius, Sidi Mansour even lets you order a whole, party shawarma stand, where you can have it cooked and sliced in your own home.

Offering a range of tasty kebab-style sandwich and plate options, the menu also provides other delicious Turkish dishes including a variety of pies, and endless, delicious variations on a shawarma-y theme. Vibrant, colourful, fresh juices and fruit cocktails are found in the drinks section.


Now, let’s turn our minds back to those balmy-evening-shawarma-indulging customers lining Tahlia’s pavement cafés. We find that, for the time being, they are predominantly men, and family sections are not usual in this part of town…..yet. But take heart, as you await delivery of your order, your driver can report back on how the pretty, colourful, zesty interior of Sidi Mansour reveals the feminine touch of its female owner. Think on too how this happy fact, combined with living in a Kingdom undergoing momentous change, may mean that not only might you soon drive along Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Road and pull up outside Sidi Mansour in your own car to recline at the pavement tables, but you may also see that colourful, zesty interior for yourself …. and even order your own shawarma.

Sidi Mansour

4184 Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Road Sulmaniya Riyadh

+966 50 914 6176

Hours: 12pm-2am

A. Leyla wa Leyla

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