Scrumptious Home Business

Scrumptious Home Business


Name: Zenah Kazim
Business Created: 2010
Genre: Desserts

Can you tell us a little about Scrumptious?

I founded Scrumptious in 2013, it is a home based organic dessert bakery which caters to everyone wanting to indulge their senses in our yummy yet organic and healthy desserts. I also bake desserts that are gluten and sugar free which are in high demand.

How did you all arrive at the decision to set up Scrumptious?

Coming from a multi cultural family background whereby I grew up in the United States then moved to Dubai to do my bachelors in marketing. I then moved to Riyadh after getting married and decided that the active person I am had to do something with my time. Something I enjoyed doing (my other outlet was Tango dancing, a hobby I picked up while living in Dubai) And I found myself spending long hours in the kitchen baking …and that is when the idea came up with friends and family motivating me as well. I am also proud to say Scrumptious also participated in charity events like Qudra volunteers, Kore studios charity events and a charity event for Syrian refugees.

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What challenges have you faced in building and running your business?

The biggest challenge was when I became pregnant; I had to stop baking because standing on my feet for long hours was causing me major back aches so I took a year off from Scrumptious. And to be honest I was scared that my customers will forget or find a replacement for their cravings!

After delivering my baby and settling in I decided to give it a shot and bring Scrumptious back to life, receiving all these amazing messages from my loyal customers helped me get back on my feet and restart scrumptious that of course made me more than happy.

I realized there will be a risk in every business but the challenge is to keep it alive and spiced up. I do have weekly specials that keep my customers interested but they certainly say “your cookies and churros are the best in town.”

How do you normally reach people with advertising or information?

I normally depend on Instagram and word of mouth; I have participated in different events like Luthan, and Ama Art Venue which was a big exposure for Scrumptious come-back.

Share with us your business plans and goals for the future?

My dream was to have an ice cream truck that sells Scrumptious desserts instead of ice cream however I do not think it is legal in Riyadh…maybe someday. For now, I am happy working from home. It is convenient for me, especially since I can be with my son.

If you’re hungry for more, visit Zenah and Scrumptious on Instagram!

  • Sarah Al Khani
    Posted at 14:12h, 18 December Reply

    My best friend’s work is truly the best in town… ❤️ Wishing you all the best zoozi! Go Scrumptious 🌟😍🌟

  • Williamki
    Posted at 06:47h, 30 May Reply

    Thanks so much for the forum post.Much thanks again. Really Cool. Sedgwick

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