Saudi Women’s Stories – Get Involved

Saudi Women’s Stories – Get Involved

By Sheikha Aldosary

Saudi Women’s Stories is a storytelling platform for Saudi women to tell their stories, show their diversity, express their opinions, present their interesting journeys to change and success.  It is an independent platform to show new aspects of Saudi women’s lives that haven’t been shown in the past and to tell interesting stories from Saudi Arabia to the world.

We hope Saudi Women’s Stories would contribute to inspiring and empowering women. We hope it would help them learn some new skills to tell their own stories and shine.  Saudi Women’s Stories also hopes to open a dialogue about issues concerning women’s lives and their societies and let us all work together on finding solutions to a better world.

Founded by Sheikha Aldosary, a journalist, media and communication expert specializing in women rights, political and socioeconomic issues in Saudi Arabia, with more than a decade of work experience in the field. Academically, she has studied the image and visual representation of women in media and has extensively researched the Saudi women’s image in western media.

Sheikha is passionate about women’s empowerment, education, equality issues, women’s stories and their fascinating tales. She found this platform not to highlight Saudi women’ stories only, but stories of all women living in the kingdom. She wants to highlight their outstanding life journeys, hoping to extend this to a storytelling platform for all women around the world.

We are looking for enthusiastic writers, editors, photographer, videographer, translators, designers, to join Saudi Women Stories’s team and be part of a great interesting squad of storytellers! Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, and background.

Just fill out the form on our website, tell us about yourself, why you want to join the team and what would you like to do and the best contact information to reach you!

Additionally, if you have an interesting story you want to share it with us, please do, we would be more than happy to hear from you.
Kindly if you need any further information don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!
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