Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review

Room to Breathe at the Riyadh Marriott Hotel, Terrace Grill


When a restaurant tells you they are proud of their exclusively-supplied best Canadian beef, there really is only one decision to make: how do you like your filet mignon cooked?

Accompanied by a butterly smooth béarnaise sauce, the crispiest onion rings, Terrace Grill oven-browned garlic potatoes, and creamed spinach with parmesan gratin, your meal will approach perfection.

There are some notable other treats not to be missed, such as the Italian burrata cheese in the Caprese salad, which comes about as close to sin on a plate as you will find. Try to pay attention to the other delicious ingredients; ignore most of the superfluous red onions. The crab and corn chowder is served with a fun, unexpected twist, while the bread is pure delight: four unique quarters baked together into one individual loaf, served with two petite butters – each with an unexpected, secret ingredient. These are but delectable precursors to the steak.


No doubt there is a wide range of marvelous desserts with rich, dark chocolate, and creamy curd cheese creations, but once you’ve spotted the saffron crème brûlée, you should have eyes for nothing else (after the steak that is).

A courteous and gracious welcome into a homely, intimate dining space awaits you, and being asked if you’d like to remove your abaya will instantly put you at ease. These, combined with generous spacing between tables, create a refreshing sense of room to breathe in a cozy setting.

Enjoy your coffee in the airy, atrium at the funky, zesty orange sofas beside the fountain, and take your selfies commemorating a really, delightful evening.

If you’re saving up your five-star experience for a special moment, then treat yourself later in the year to dinner or iftar during Ramadan.

Did I mention the steak?

A. Leyla wa Leyla.

Terrace Grill

Riyadh Marriott Hotel

6:30-11:30pm Sun-Sat

+966 11 477 9300


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