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WSB Connect is a monthly professional networking and development forum. Designed for women looking to acquire new skills, connect with other like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. The monthly program is held at different venues across Riyadh. Typically WSB Connect welcomes 50-60 women. The program runs for 2 hours, during which all women have the opportunity to introduce themselves, hear from the guest speakers, learn about the venue, and network. Workshop topics have ranged from pursuing passion projects, social enterprise start-ups, entrepreneurs round-table, therapeutic healing through life coaches & yoga, starting a business in KSA to speed networking sessions. We hope to run field trips and provide ongoing entrepreneurial support services in the future.

The Volunteer Program offers flexible and meaningful opportunities for community service in Riyadh. WSB Volunteer Riyadh helps ladies from the expat community to connect with good causes. WSB Volunteer has previously partnered with SANAD, Jamaiah al Nahda, Breast Cancer Awareness, Downs Syndrome School, DETASAD/Al Faisal University, ARABSAT, US embassy cultural mission, UK embassy cultural mission, Amaleed for educational services, Threefold company, Moon Fame, special Olympics, etc.

Survive and Thrive aims to give support and guidance to live a fulfilling expat life in Riyadh. Survive and Thrive is WSB’s first initiative and began in 2011 as a way to provide new arrivals with essential information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in particular, its cultural traditions, religious guidelines, and social etiquettes.

Find & Be Found is a networking opportunity for employers, volunteer organizations, and people seeking employment and professional development opportunities. Find and be Found was established in 2015 as an annual networking and job fair forum. The purpose was twofold; to exhibit employers who were looking for female talent and to provide female entrepreneurs and home business owners a venue to showcase their products/services.

The Intercultural and Language Exchange gives Saudi and Expat ladies the opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultural backgrounds and experiences while helping each other practice their language skills. Each exchange focuses on one country or region and looks at food, music, arts and etiquette with a comparison to Saudi Arabia.

The Sustainability group is a working group initiated by the demand for sustainability practices e.g. recycling, food waste, single-use plastic reduction and energy conservation. The working group is made up of individuals across Riyadh who wish to promote environmentally friendly change, share best practices and help implement sustainable solutions within their immediate community. 

‘The WSB Industry Working Groups (IWG), are the WSB’s latest initiative, designed to connect women from different industry sectors, providing them with a support platform to network, create and achieve their full potential within their area or industry of expertise. This initiative has led to a number of projects, two of which the Careers Advice Project and SME Advice Project.

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