“Our Soldiers Our Security” – Moonfame Project Review

“Our Soldiers Our Security” – Moonfame Project Review



Moonfame project, entitled “Our Soldiers Our Security“, was inaugurated under the supervision of the founder of the project, Her Royal Highness Princess Nouf Bint Mitab bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud in King Fahd Cultural Center on Friday 28th April from 2 pm to 11 pm

The Moonfame project includes a variety of activities for the child and the family, with the participation of MoonFame’s children through the variety of categories offered to them Arts and Crafts, Food and beverage, Fashion, Photography, Games, Science, Media, Drama and to take advantage of all kinds of activities that allow children to spend a fun family day with their families.

The project aims to build the child to face his future and discover his abilities and talent through the work of his project, which allows the family of the child to discover the talent of their child and progress of it, moreover the project also aims to instill the concept of the importance of time in the order of the daily schedule and build the personality of the child and find the right time for his work. His project is free of any pressure, so the child has a passion for learning and creativity and leisure time to benefit and enhance the sense of social responsibility and tender sense. The child also price’s his project and sells it in the event under the supervision of the parents and the management of MoonFame in a bazaar dedicated to them. By the end, the child has acquired practical life experience and how to start with projects.


The MoonFame project was dedicated to the activities of “Our Soldiers Our Security“, which aims to highlight the effective role played by soldiers in protecting our dear homeland, as well as the respect, loyalty and support of our brave soldiers. Where the children of Moonfame participated in the drama category, a theater performance distinguished for the role of our heroic soldiers in addition to their performance of the Saudi parade.


The event also featured a wide range of items including clothing, perfumes and accessories, as well as a variety of food, beverage and coffee options

And desserts from local and international cuisine. It is worth mentioning that the proceeds of this event were donated to Bunyan Charity Association for Family Development.

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