My Journey in KSA – “Third Impression”

My Journey in KSA – “Third Impression”

Today is a special day for me because summer is upon us and that means schools are closed and I will get to go back to my home country.

However before the summer break, my childhood friend encouraged me to participate in a car rally in France exclusively for women! The race will begin in Paris and end in Saint Tropez whilst driving old classic cars.

Last August, my childhood friend approached me and proposed for me to join the car rally. Back then I was not yet settled in KSA. I realise now that I live in a country where women cannot drive. Isn’t it ironic?

The rally is a sportive event and it is quite challenging. We will not be competing on merely speed level but rather on how well the best team is capable of reading and analysing the road in order to achieve and reach each stage at the appointed time.

The name is ‘Rallye des Princesses’ and it will be held from May 28th until June 2nd when we will reach Saint Tropez.

But since we should not simply pretend to behave and drive as princesses, we’ve decided to take on a bigger slice and run for a French foundation – l’Etoile de Martin – (Martin’s Star) which raises funds for children affected by cancer. (Please find below the link of the charity)

If you want to follow us please do not hesitate to look at our Facebook page called – ‘Un Rallye pour Martin’.

I wish you a wonderful summer and I look forward to sending you new impressions when we are back in Riyadh!

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