My Journey in KSA – “Second Impression”

My Journey in KSA – “Second Impression”

I have now been living in Riyadh for about four months – with a positive attitude – despite a strange feeling I’ve started to have: everything here is crystal clear, except when it gets confusing.

Rules are to be followed, but there is always more than one way to reach your goal. I was talking of open-mindedness in my previous article. Today, I feel that nothing is cut-and-dry.  Nothing is black and white.

During my entire trip, while meeting business men and women, I could not reach a conclusion as to how people do things. I said that I had yet to find women managers in large companies; and then, I found myself meeting the Head of Diversity for the largest company of the country. What a title! I love it and I truly believe this is to be the future of all enterprises around the planet.

When I asked if women could be attorneys at law the first answer given was no; and then I realised that, in fact, it is actually possible – just not including the full activity spectrum like a man. I discovered that there are law firms that do have female lawyers.

Everything can be done, studied and achieved with success.

In KSA you stand at a crossroads of everything in the world. You can find here every brand, all the technology and equipment available all over the world (and more!), from the most famous quality cars to the most fashionable handbags. I recently bought myself a new computer with a processor not yet available in Europe, and still incredibly expensive in the US.

As stated previously, nothing is black and white, and work should perhaps be given a higher value in the mind-set of the younger generation. On the other hand, this is not only true or relevant for Saudi Arabia but for kids everywhere. “Everything immediately” has become the youth’s newly found motto and ‘effort’ doesn’t exist in their language as it did in the lives of our grandparents.

It takes time and effort and determination to achieve a goal – no matter what that goal is. And a solid education is a key component in being able to reach nearly any objective.  There are, however, many paths to take to arrive at the same destination.

That is what keeps life interesting.

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