My gorgeous fur babies

My gorgeous fur babies

By Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. Josh Billings

I am a lucky girl, I am loved by not one dog but 3 gorgeous dogs – Sandy, Puppichino and Mocha Boy. I wanted to share my story with you and hope to inspire more of you to rescue a pet one day.

Soon after my dream wedding in Mumbai, my husband and I moved to New Delhi as he was transferred there. One of our evening rituals soon became to walk around the quiet lanes of Anand Niketan and feed over 20 street dogs who lived there. We went through a lot of dog food but got repaid in love, welcome woofs and wagging tails. One of the dogs had a litter of puppies in our first month there and we started taking milk, yoghurt and puppy food for the puppies and partnered with other dog lovers to take them to their vaccinations at the friendly vet. Little did we know how important they would become to our life.

One day, we realised one of our friendly street dogs was limping badly and looking miserable at the side of the road. He had been run over and was being given some first aid by a kind dog lover. He had deep cuts on his front paw and nose and was whimpering in pain. We picked up him up and took him home where he was cowering under the table. Every day, we would take him to the vet to be treated and then home to rest. He slowly grew in confidence and knew he was safe. Once he was finally recovered, we thought of releasing him back to the street. He soon let us and our security guards know that he preferred living with us. The third time, he came back to our home, we decided we would keep him. Sandy has now been with us for over 3 years and has lived in India, UK & now Saudi Arabia. He is a very happy dog, extremely loving and cuddly. He can be quite mischievous and adores toys and treats. His eyes are magnetic and often gets many people and dogs drawn to him. He has a great love of dates developed here in the Kingdom.

That was October 2015, a few short months later, August 2016, Puppichino entered our life. He was badly wounded on his back where some bigger dog had taken a big chunk out of this then 9-month-old puppy. He was one of the puppies we were looking after and we again took him in to care for him and take him to the vet. He again decided to stay and we realised he was good company for Sandy when we went to work. He is very affectionate and soon convinced us we are his ‘hoomans‘. Puppichino has traits of his border collie ancestry in him and is very intelligent. He can open doors, nudges you for strokes with his paw or head and is like a shadow to my hubby or me. Puppy reminds me to take a break when I am studying for my MBA or working on the newsletter. He is not much for toys but loves his food and treats. Cats are his enemy and he will try to chase any he spots as he strolls around the DQ. You have to watch any food in his reach as he will help himself to anything he can access – even stole a cupcake right under our nose.

Mocha’s story is similar as he got attacked by dogs in a shelter when he was being neutered. He is Puppichino’s brother and very loving. While bigger than the rest, he has always been shy and a bit of a loner. He is much loved by all of us and still lives in the UK with my in-laws. My mother-in-law is so attached to him that she often sings him to sleep and they share a bedroom. He enjoys crumpets, fish and many things English. My in laws take him on road trips and he keeps them young. We were lucky enough to spend time with him over the recent December holidays and miss him, but are happy he is well loved and looked after.

The great part of having dogs in your life is your routine becomes focused around them –  morning walks to the park, evening walks to the wadi and night walks around the block. The walks needs to happen regardless of how tired  you are  which means they are great for our health. We play with them, cuddle them, bathe them, look after them in many ways. They keep us active, give us so much love that you feel wonderful. They are masters at guilt trips and use their beautiful eyes and cute head tilts to make us feel bad when we go to work and leave them. They always know when we are coming home and meet us at the gate. They are always happy to see you and give you such a warm welcome every day when we come back home. If you are feeling low or ill, Nurse Sandy will cuddle you and give you many loving licks.  We have taken them on road trips including the mini Edge of the World and it’s a happy day for all of us to be exploring together. They make for great guard dogs and Mocha even chased away a burglar who attempted to enter my in-laws house in the UK. Sleeping at night with the gentle snores of our dogs next to us, makes me feel all is right in the world. Do think about rescuing a dog or a cat one day and changing a life.

  • Anne McGrath
    Posted at 17:09h, 01 February Reply

    Hi Deepa you write beautifully about your beloved pets! We have a rescue dog at home as well so we know the joy they bring!

    • WSB Admin
      Posted at 20:37h, 28 February Reply

      Thank you so much Anne. My furbabies are my pride and joy. We are so lucky they chose us as their forever family.

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