MISS & MRS. BEAUTIFUL US! by Anya Mohammed

MISS & MRS. BEAUTIFUL US! by Anya Mohammed


As women, we have multiple roles to play in life. Culture, religion, and society have burdened us with not only responsibilities, but stereotypes as well. Sometimes we have no other choice than to play along the rules that have already been set for us, no matter how fair or unfair they may be. Every woman understands her own role best and every woman tries to prioritise that over everything else, even the things that ACTUALLY matter for her. While sacrifice and compromise have been made innate aspects of a woman’s nature, there are two things I feel no woman should ever compromise on – her health and beauty!

While “health is wealth,” I believe beauty is a woman’s personal weapon. As we never forget that taking care of other loved ones around us is our essential duty, so is taking care of ourselves. I have met women who have become so busy in performing their family or work responsibilities that they have completely abandoned the fact that “THEY NEED TO MOTHER THEMSELVES TOO, TO KEEP GOING.” Take any piece of machinery as an example – do you think a machine that is rusted and dirty will perform well or the one that is well-oiled and kept clean? The same applies for us, ladies! Many times in our busy schedules we forget to get a proper check up; we neglect medical appointments we took a few days ago for a severe back ache because we decided to settle on over-the- counter pain killers. We notice our teeth are no longer shiny, but ignore that because we could use that time and money elsewhere. We start noticing fine lines and wrinkles but do nothing about it except secretly hope that they’d magically disappear on their own- which, by the way, NEVER happens! We will not negotiate on shopping for our families, but we will deliberately overlook the fact that we NEED to shop for ourselves too! My point is – women easily neglect themselves for a number of reasons! These reasons vary from one female to other, however, when I asked around for causes from some of these women, I could not stand only one piece of explanation that many gave me – “I don’t care. Beauty is on the inside and good health is a probability.” I mean, women COME ON!!! That one reason does not give you a hall pass to neglect yourselves then wonder why your partners are losing interest in you or why you ended up with type 2 diabetes! When you go grocery shopping and buy apples, do you go for the smooth shiny ones or the ones that are rough and have lost their color?! This may sound like a silly example but I do feel that it applies in life as well. Then there are those who say they don’t have time. A week has 168 hours, they can’t spare just 1 hour twice a week for themselves?! Sorry, not a valid excuse either!

The truth is we don’t fully understand the meaning and importance of looking after ourselves. It is crucial not to look at the word beauty from a physical point of view only. The word beauty encompasses the infinite meanings from physical attraction to personality and the inner self. Most say physical beauty is not of that much value. That is a big, a huge misconception from my outlook! Physical beauty IS important and by that I don’t mean having the perfect curves, or having the perfect white skin tone. No, not at all! Our physical features are designed by God and it is wrong to think of them as imperfect, BUT it is our sacred duty to take care of what God has given us! Physical beauty is how much you look after your skin, weight, eating habits, health, hair, cleanliness, the way you smell, how the way you dress up compliments your individuality and how you portray yourself to the world! Your physical appearance IS the reflection of YOU to the world. You don’t need to spend ridiculously on cosmetic and weight loss treatments or buy expensive products to take care of your skin and health and you certainly don’t need to buy clothing and accessories from luxury brands. Open Google and search for natural ways to take care of your skin and hair! I assure you that you will find most of the things in your kitchen! Stop binging on unhealthy foods as well as habits and start focusing on what you put inside your mouth. Stop spending hours on your phone that will give you nothing other than dark circles and a messed up biological clock. Start sleeping and waking up at the time nature has defined for us. Make some light exercise a daily part of your routine and work towards getting a better body! These are the only things you need to do to get yourself on the path of physical beauty. Soon, you will notice yourself glow and you will be getting many compliments which will motivate you further.

On a separate note, focusing only on physical features isn’t recommended. Pay attention to your inner being – your soul and mind – which needs nourishment as much as your physical aspects. Self esteem, confidence and kindness in nature build up a central part of character so they must not be disregarded. Get a hobby, start gardening or pick up a really good book, read up on self improvement and motivational articles, go out alone or with friends for a walk or to lunch to get the steam out, focus on the relationships around you and how you can improve them and stop letting negativity ruin your mood… there are countless things you can do to nurture the woman on the inside, all you have to do is get in touch with her.

Lastly, no woman is born ugly and few are born beautiful. There is a famous quote in literature that “Men are instrumental and women are ornamental.” I feel as women we are meant to represent everything imperative in this world and that is why we need to be ideal and at the same time have our own imperfections! Since ancient ages feminism has been associated with beauty, character and splendor. No matter how hard we try, we cannot separate that from our reflection. So, dear ladies, get to work from now, BLOCK the negativity completely, take care and LOVE YOURSELF because no one can love you more than YOUR OWNSELF and only then can someone else learn to appreciate you. Pull up your heads and chins, straighten your shoulders, add a sway to your hips and walk as if you are wearing a tiara… But wait! Don’t forget to look after and show off that most beautiful curve you all have got – your smile! Kill with it!!

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