Love your kids before they leave the nest

Love your kids before they leave the nest

By Saima

Today was a normal day. Sunny and nice!

Nice weather and kids around me. My son was having his breakfast and I was getting his bag ready for school. He wanted to draw something before leaving but the driver was outside and he I had to send him. I gave him a paper and a pencil to draw in the car while going to school.

Then the routine chores cycle started and I had to cook, clean, iron and more stuff to get done. My younger kid was up then and I served him breakfast and started folding clean laundry near him. He wanted me to give him bites but I told him he is a big boy now and I have so much stuff to do.

But you know what, I wanted my kid to draw that car before he left for school. I just got carried away with the fear of getting late from school. I wanted to help my little one and accompany him while tracing but I had to take that important phone call.

I just didn’t!

But u know, in a blink, kids grow up! There will be a time in a few years when there would be no tracing, no breakfast bites, no coloring, and no more tantrums. One day you will notice there will be no more piles of homework and no more storybooks to read.

So if you have a chance to sit down with your kids and ignore those emails or those calls just for the sake of their happiness, do that!

I know cleaning the kitchen before sleeping is a great habit but somedays I just don’t want to leave the warm hugs of my kids so I leave the kitchen and forget about the dishes and we read stories and talk about dinosaurs and rockets.

Our kids grow up when we don’t even realize how fast this all happens. With every passing day, we step closer to the time when our kids will leave our nests and there will be empty rooms. Doesn’t matter if you have girls or boys!

So please dear mommy, sit with your kid and read that story.

Help him trace that alphabet.

Help him in coloring that pirate ship.

Forget the dishes and hug them more.

Because this is what we moms do!

Lots of love,

Saima aka A Supertiredmom

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