Lord of the Wings – Restaurant Review

Lord of the Wings – Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review

Lord of the Wings

By A. Leyla wa Leyla


Picture Courtesy of The Pink Tarha

“The last thing I expected from a restaurant selling buffalo wings and rings was to find the best salad in Riyadh.  But as I rather enjoy having my paradigms challenged, I also found it pleasing that the salad included the usually less-than-appetizing kale. Who would have thought that baby kale could be so good?! Perhaps the honey-glazed walnut dressing helped. Pretty awesome combination.

My diet is generally very healthy, including lots of fresh, whole foods, so I really didn’t expect to find much on the menu to my liking. Poof! There went another assumption. Not only were there many great, crisp salad options, but the dressings and sauces come separately, which enables you to stay on the lighter side if you prefer.

As for the wings – there’s a great choice – in quantity and flavor, offering the same sauce options – served tossed on the wings or on the side.  Other signature mains include meaty ribs, juicy steaks and burrito bowls.

At first sight, I wondered if the warehouse interior might be a less than relaxing environment, but the playground colourfulness and genuine cheeriness of the staff are a fun, inspired combination.

Having arrived with a particularly grumpy dining companion that day, it is notable that I left Lord of the Wings with my spirits lifted by great food, helpful staff, lots of healthy, tasty options, and perfect…yes, I said perfect… onion rings.

Lord of the Wings

Exit 5 Riyadh. Tel: 0112168361


Instagram: lotwsaudi


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