Interview with Princess Noaf Bint Miteb – Moonfame Founder

Interview with Princess Noaf Bint Miteb – Moonfame Founder


The WSB had the pleasure of interviewing MoonFame founder, her Royal Highness Princess Nouf Bint Miteb Al Saud. MoonFame project is about children discovering their talents while working on an activity with a family member from the comforts of their own home for a minimal charge. Children can choose projects ranging from arts and crafts to food and beverage.

It all stemmed from the want to spend good quality time with her kids at home to creating MoonFame project that aims for children to discover their own abilities and talents benefiting their future and increasing their family bond.

She found a niche in the market and with the help of a few employees turned it into a successful project that involves children, families, and giving back to society.

Can you tell us about MoonFame?

MoonFame is a program where a child registers with us through our website   that involves mother and child. The project is for 3 months where it is overseen by a mentor from Moon Fame. Projects could range from arts & crafts to photography or fashion, it depends on what the child chooses as his project.

After the 3 month period, a bazaar is done where the children can price, sell, and showcase their own projects. The proceeds from the tickets sold at the bazaar go to a charity (each time it goes to a different one).

MoonFamers consists of three important parts that are the children of course, the mentors, and the volunteers. Each plays a pivotal role in reaching their goals and objectives. I would also like to add that anyone can participate or become a Moon Famer and it is mostly done from home!

What are the objectives of MoonFame?

There are several objectives:

  • The first is to build a strong bond with the family.
  • Second is to teach the children how to manage their own time while doing the project.
  • Third is to teach them how to be entrepreneurs.
  • Fourth is to teach them educational skills outside the school that involved doing their own research.
  • Fifth is to teach them social responsibility by helping out charities.

How did you arrive at the decision to set it up?

As a mother I wanted to find a shared activity between me and my children at home so I came up with that idea and it expanded from there.

Share with us your business plans goals for the future?

We are working on three different projects; after school activities, Initiatives, and kidtopia that fall under the Moon Fame umbrella in collaboration with schools and specialized centers around Riyadh.

Our ultimate goal is to provide different projects for the entire society for children, mothers, and family. We want to build a strong generation independent, thoughtful, and passionate through edutainment.

For further information please check out the website or instagram moon_fame.

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