Influencing the Influencers – Creating effective communications in KSA

Influencing the Influencers – Creating effective communications in KSA

One of the most requested services from clients at the moment is how to harness the social media influencer market. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, influencer marketing is officially described as:

“… a form of marketing in which identifies individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.”

It is a fairly new phenomenon, even for seasoned marketers like myself, and as such, many businesses are still finding their bearings when it comes to this new way to raise awareness about your business or product.


There is no denying the power of well managed influencer marketing. It opens up a new world and audience for brands to connect to in ways that are more organic and relatable than those offered by the traditional marketing mix.

Saudi Arabia offers a unique opportunity for brands due to the digital landscape here and the high penetration of video content watched here in the Kingdom.

As the world increasingly becomes ‘constantly connected’ it is imperative for businesses to be agile and approach their marketing strategies with mobile-first centricity to make a positive impact with their target audience.

Whether you are working for a large established brand, or you are a small start up, the guiding principles of effective influencer marketing are the same:

  1. Choose your influencer wisely

Large companies typically use an Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) platform that automatically filters the most relevant partners for your brand and customer interests. For those with smaller, or no budget, good old fashioned desk research is your starting point. Search social media for relevant hashtags, do a google search and see who is active in the areas that relate most to your brand and business offering.

  1. Consider quality over quantity

It is easy to assume that a social media influencer who commands 3 million followers will be far more effective at communicating your message than someone with 3,000 followers, right? Think again. My experience shows that the big influencers don’t always give you the impact you are looking for. Indeed, there is a body of research that suggests for many businesses, Influencers with smaller audiences have a stronger impact.


  1. Ensure Return on Relationship

Many brands seem to recruit and then ditch influencers with each new campaign or product launch. To me, this lowers the value of both the brand and the level of influence that is likely to be achieved. Typically, I would recommend investing in long-term relationships that foster a two-way dialogue between influencer and brand. Effective influencer relations requires continuous care and tactical tweaking.

  1. Choose the platform that complements your business

Most influencers are active across all social media platforms. Be careful not to fall into a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Select the platform and content that best complements your business and your communications objectives. Are you selling clothes to a young audience? Instagram is your best bet. Professional services? Facebook and Twitter may be more effective.

If you are interested in how to maximise your impact and increase profits through the power social media please visit for more information.


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