Hobbies keep you happy…by Sameera A.Ansari

Hobbies keep you happy…by Sameera A.Ansari


I believe it is very important to have a hobby, learn an art or a skill/skills in life as these keep your mind and hands busy in creating something that might be useful to you or someone else. It also uplifts your self-esteem and establishes pride in oneself.

It can be something as simple as an art project for your child’s school or as complicated as an intricately knitted baby blanket.

While growing up I always saw my grandmother busy making something. She made lovely dolls from scraps of cloths, tea-cozies, purses and many such beautiful things which she use to gift to family and friends.


My mother who was a teacher by profession would stitch lovely dresses for my sister and me as kids. Knitting, crochet, embroidery, baking, gardening were a few other things she would do in her free time. Although I believe her all time favorite hobby was reading the News, and I call it a hobby because she really enjoyed herself as each morning she would up dated herself with the current news on all matters be it Politics, History or Entertainment.

Creating objects with your hands researchers say not only keeps you healthy and depression free they can also help you earn a little extra pocket money if you choose to turn your creativity into a business.


A few years back after enjoying glass painting, gardening and baking I decide to teach myself knitting and instantly fell in love with it. Today, not only do I knit baby booties, blankets, bibs, bookmarks, headbands, coasters, scarves etc. on order but I also offer knitting classes for beginners.

The clam and soothing effect Knitting has on me is amazing. Each time I complete a project I’m astonished at the gift of creating something from nothing that God has given us humans!

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