Healing through your feelings… Inner child… always with us…

Healing through your feelings… Inner child… always with us…

By Hanoof Alhosan

Today, we’d like to share with you a very beautiful and simple exercise to help release old emotions, beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

When growing up every child experiences contradictions in the outer world. To a child, our primary caregivers may seem super hero’s but they are only human. What they say and do can sometimes create fear and other disturbing emotions when they are not aware. White lies and people doing the opposite of what they say, for example, can leave us feeling very confused and that confusion can carry on into adulthood if it is left unaddressed.

‘Don’t tell lies or you’ll be punished,’ father tells you one minute, then the next he tells you to tell the person knocking on the front door, that he is out.

These everyday occurrences create splits inside us, a mistrust of authority both outside and inside. When under stress, we may even feel that nothing people say is real and that our authentic voice won’t be accepted. Caught in a web of social conditionings, we become trapped underneath, calling or screaming to get out. We may try to suppress our sense of unease in many ways but emotions such as guilt continue, a sense of not feeling okay and of the other not being okay, which might appear as anger. The responses from our childhood continue into the present, as though our age and circumstances haven’t changed.

The child is still living inside us, calling out for us to heal. Through bringing awareness to our emotions, we can recognize and choose to release the unhelpful reactions and beliefs that hold us back. We can then begin to bring more freedom and wholeness into our lives.

Now, let us begin with the training by finding a safe outer space, turning off your mobile phone and anything else which might disturb you. Inform anyone nearby that you require a few minutes peace and quiet, then shut the door.

Then, sit in a chair, with your feet on the floor and with your back straight, preferably not leaning against the back of the chair, as it may restrict your breath. Place your hands in a comfortable position, on either thigh and breathe deeply several times. Now close your eyes and allow your body and mind to slowly slow down and relax. Keep breathing, slowly breath in and then let the breath go, feel life entering you as you breathe in, then feel any stress or worry leave you, as you breathe out.

Now, put one hand on your belly, a place where many of our early feelings reside, with whichever hand you prefer.

As you keep breathing consciously into the belly, allow yourself to observe any emotions that arise. There is no need to react to them, simply observe what arises. You may begin to feel emotions, or even see images that connect you in the present, to those old feelings that have lived inside you for so long.

As an emotion arises, allow yourself intuitively to name it.

Perhaps it is fear, what is the fear of or about?

A fear of being judged, or of not being enough, for example.

Allow the fear and sit with it. Feel the emotion and observe any accompanying thoughts, images or stories, remaining calm. Really see and feel the emotions you’ve named.

Then say:

Although I feel scared/fearful of being judged, I choose to love and accept myself. I choose to protect myself deeply.

Breathe, keep on consciously breathing, as you allow the difficult emotion to be seen and felt, then notice how the feeling changes as you say: I choose to love and accept myself, I choose to protect myself deeply.

Breathe, gently, allowing your emotions to change, as you make this new choice about how you wish to feel.

When you feel ready, move to another emotion.

As the emotion arises, again allow yourself to intuitively name it. For example, you might feel anger.

See the emotion, sit with it, without judgement.

Then name what the emotion is directed toward. For example, I am angry about being not listened to. Keep breathing and keep your hand on your belly. Allow yourself to calmly observe any accompanying images or stories, as you see and feel the emotion.

Then again, say:

Although I am angry about not being listened to (remember, here you are naming the emotion you have chosen to address and the object to which it refers).

Then again, say:

I choose to love and accept myself, I choose to protect myself deeply.

Keep breathing and allow the emotion to be seen by you and to be released, through the power of choice.

If you feel able and wish to proceed, repeat the procedure again, as many times as you would like.

When you feel that you’re ready to stop take a deep breath and with your eyes still closed, see yourself surrounded in a golden, protective light. A beautiful golden light of love and acceptance, that allows only what is for your highest good to enter the space around you, a protective space that supports you to fully become the loving being that you are.

When you feel the meditation for today is complete, open your eyes
We recommend that you practice it 11 times a day.

Have a loving day

Alhana Almutlaq Institute for therapy and education

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