Grow your own business at SHEWORKS, Riyadh

Grow your own business at SHEWORKS, Riyadh

By Maha Shirah

Sheworks is a co-working space for women, probably the first in Riyadh. It is licensed by “Monshaat” the Small & Medium Enterprises Authority and Riyadh Municipality.

Our mission is to help all female entrepreneurs, start-ups & and freelancers to start their projects no matter how big or small it is. Whether you are Saudi or not, we are here to offer you our help. SheWorks is not just a co-working space, it is a community of talented women from all over the world where they work, meet & evolve.

To all talented ladies (expats and locals ) SheWorks offer the following services:

  1. Designated desks in our shared office area for rent (per month/ 3 months/ 6 months)

 Note: To apply for a SAGIA license, you need a 1 year contract. You can be a freelancer and still rent an office, no visa/iqama transfer is required as long as your iqama is valid and legal. 

A 1 month subscription includes:

Free membership to all SheWorks events and activities + a designated desk + small cabinet + 12 hours free/ per month in one of our meeting rooms + free access card + free wifi & coffee + access from 9 am – 9 pm+ 15%  off lecture room rent +  usage of mail address + free 1 business consultation session.

15% discount on 3-month contracts and 20% discount on 6-month subscription.

2- Business Lounge subscription: (1 Month/3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year )

1-month subscription includes: free membership to all SheWorks events & activities

Free seating in lounge + booth ( first come first serve) + free wifi & coffee + access from 9 am – 9 pm

3-Virtual office for rent ( special contract) 

4- Meeting rooms for rent per hour

5- Lecture room for rent (Per hour/Half day /Full day) 

6- Special Discounts on Partner Services

Sheworks customers are eligible for special discounts with some of our strategic partners such as Al-Warefah government agency / Salla online e-commerce app/ Al Aqad law firm

7- Expansion Plans:

We are designing our second office which will include our private offices (that will be available soon and rent per year only ) that will have municipality licenses on them.

* SheWorks are offering WSB members an extra 10% off discount on all services valid until June 31, 2019

Please use the code SHEWORKS-WSB. For more information please contact / English +966-505-71-4747/ Arabic +966-535-94-6054

Options to work in KSA:

  1. Freelance – If you would like to work as a freelancer, SheWorks can help you get a desk, meet your clients, and even market your work. You just need a valid visa/iqama (it doesn’t need to be transferrable because you won’t be under our sponsorship)

You can also host events at SHEWORKS. Bring your talent and skills. We welcome, photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers, dancers, yoga instructors, cartoonist, copyrighters.. etc

We don’t accept anything medical or psychological due to their critical cases

  1. MAROOF – if you have your own online store or you sell via Instagram you can register it on Maroof ( a digital free platform to authenticate your existence, it is not a market place). No CR is required only your ID). If you have a CR, you receive the Golden Maroof Membership.


3. Entrepreneur- You will need a contract (an annual or semi-annual contract) with one of the registered licensed co-working spaces that exist in Saudi ( such as SHEWORKS). Then go to SAGIA’s online website Services check Investor manual, we suggest you read it first. Then click E-services, investor registration, quick registration where you will fill your application. Then your documents will be checked. Once approved you will pay SAR. 2000 for the Commercial Record. Then you open an account in other government entities (Ministry of Labour/ Zakat & Tax Authority/GOSI/.. etc). You can also do all this in person at their office.

Regular VAT is applied to those who generate a minimum of $100,000 per year. The entrepreneur needs to register at the Zakat & Tax Authority and pay 5% VAT every 3 months.  If your income exceeds SAR. 1 Million per year, you must pay VAT every month.

For expats, the income taxes are 20% /per year and they don’t pay Zakat.


Address: Takhasusi st., Al-Rabie area, Riyadh


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