GlowBistro “The place to please your taste”

GlowBistro “The place to please your taste”

So, it’s Thursday evening and you want to meet up with your girlfriends for a catch-up after a busy week. You fancy a bright, fresh, funky place – somewhere different, GlowBistro will do just the job. The semi-private booths enable you to sit with a select group of friends while enjoying the bubbling chatter and glimpses of other women having the same fun. The designers have managed to create a tropical atmosphere, and thanks to Glow’s magical, signature, ultra-pink lighting you will all look as radiant as holiday bathing beauties.


So what are you going to eat together? Fresh Mediterranean dishes, something a little more exotic, or for the more daring, Glow’s fusion cuisine? The new menu offers plenty of inspiring choices. You’ll have fun together tasting each other’s dishes too.

Alternatively, there is always that wonderful, lazy Saturday brunch option. With a lovely range of late breakfast options you can indulge your weekend fancies with oriental fool and creamy hummus. If you need comfort food, take the Glow Breakfast – omelette, franks, wedges and assorted bread basket. Be sure to enjoy a steaming hot coffee with their famous baked-to-order nougat cookie….. there is always GlowFit’s gym option to deal with any post-indulgence remorse.


Remember that our Middle East guys are not colour-shy when it comes to pink, or ashamed of their sweet tooth. So tell the man in your life about GlowBistro and their gateaux ….easy to find with his friends right by the single’s area….perfect Friday afternoon relaxation.


A. Leyla wa Leyla.
Open 7 days/week
Catering available
+966 11 217 0219

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