Finding the Joy of Girl Power!

Finding the Joy of Girl Power!

By Lizzie Daniell

With March celebrating International Women’s Day, it’s time to reconnect with our femininity and those wonderful female energies around us – reminding ourselves how amazing we are and how much joy we are able to emanate to the world!

(Hey guys, this article is no reflection on your impact in our life’s – promise – you are amazing, its just a celebration to us!)

I’ve often heard it said that regardless of the position in the home (mother, daughter, wife, grandmother) our energy is what holds it up/lets it fall – right girls?  Sounds like lots of pressure to me.. but is it true?

I spoke to many colleagues and friends and put it to the test… would you believe it, sounds like there might be something in it:

“Why is it when we are low or down, that energy goes out to the family/home… no one else steps up to change it?”

“Sometimes I’d just like others in my family to be the gatherer and lift those spirits and keep that positive energy going!”

“I am lucky, as when I am not feeling joyous and happy, my husband steps up and gathers us in…. he remarks – that being part of a heavy female family (three girls and one male dog), estrogen is probably coming out of his paws too (lol!)”

Sometimes we underestimate our impact and don’t realize what a difference we make regardless of how the world see us now and what the current expectations are on women – interestingly, often created by ourselves! Whether at home, holding down a couple of jobs, travelling, at the gym, walking the dog, running workshops, lecturing, on the school run, teaching, or all of the above  – we are incredible, so don’t let anyone take that away!

Our partners, friends and work colleagues see it, even our kids see it, why don’t we?

Is it that we are constantly striving to be better in others eyes, trying to please all or is it that we let society blindside us to believe whatever is the latest ‘IN’, ‘way to be’ is the only way; and if we don’t follow that trend, we fail! 

Cause lets be honest wonderful ladies, as we age with ‘grace and beauty’, and go through life’s rich (sometimes demanding) tapestry, we get stronger and should remember to look inward and trust that bright light called ‘intuition’ that lurks inside. This has been passed to us through generations of amazing women before us, under grace and in the perfect way and most importantly … with love!

So with this being ‘our’ month, let that wonderful female energy shine out and share those thoughts, joys, actions and all with love – we owe it to ourselves!

We are powerful beings and deserve the world!

With so much joy and girl power, until next time!!

Lizzie Whizz xx

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