By Anya Mohammed


Someone wise once said that “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic: it takes sweat, determination and handwork.” Well, that sure is true when it comes to the Volunteer Team of WSB who worked hard to bring the Volunteer area into existence. The reward of the combined team work was achieved when Volunteer WSB held its first Volunteer Recognition Event on the 25th of January, 2018 to thank it’s esteemed volunteers and to celebrate it’s success. The event, which was a joint collaboration between WSB and Sanad held at Saudi Heritage House, focused primarily on the volunteers who worked in an Art project for the Children’s Cancer Hospital, under the well-reputed Saudi Artist, Hala Bint Khalid. This project aimed at involving art lovers in painting wall panels which are to be put up in the Children’s Hospital to bring colors and joy to those going through a tough time during a long and painful treatment.

At the event, Sally Kennedy, Founder of WSB, made a speech followed by Reem Al Heglan, CEO, Sanad. A beautiful trophy was handed to the Founder of WSB by Sanad as a token of thank you for the collaboration between the two entities and a symbol of many new joint ventures yet to take place. Certificates were distributed to volunteers from Dar Ul Uloom University and the British School who with their dedication made this project an unbeatable success.


It was a moment of pride for the entire WSB to see its volunteer area flourishing to heights through hours of hard work, dedication and careful but creative thinking. Not only that, but it was a true motivation for us to deliver many endeavors to our valued expat and local community.

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