Finding the Joy in moving Home

Finding the Joy in moving Home

By Lizzie Daniell

Finding the Joy whilst packing those boxes!

“Is there joy in moving house, I hear you say”, really? Well, funnily enough, there can be… eventually!

At the time that we make that decision to move, we are excited, looking forward to change and have HOPE that everything will go to plan. It is something that lots of us do and look forward to (well, once it is all over).

So why, when we take that step to box up our homes, it ends up happening alongside other major incidents in our life: new babies; planning a wedding; manic times at work; visiting relatives etc – why is that?


Most of the time we are good at managing our lives, planning for the future, and just when everything is set in stone, a curve ball chucks itself at us – circumstances beyond our control.

When things are in ‘our control’ we can stay calm, focus, get excited and tick off our ‘to-do’ list with joy, but as soon as this changes (exchange on a new home does not happen, a baby comes early) we are out of our comfort zone and start paddling upstream. HELP!!

Having just experienced this very thing (a week of work visitors with a very busy programme to support), my normal calm, happy, smiling self, changed overnight and was replaced with stress, anxiety and worry about getting it all sorted in time! I admit I don’t like these feelings and they’re not ones I’ve experienced for some time – I felt out of my comfort zone and not in control! Why was it so strange this time? Being married to the Army for so many years, I am used to moving frequently – making up those boxes and preparing the house for ‘march-out’.

What was different this time?

A different country, craziness at work, tight timescales, the current moon, being older, I am not sure, maybe all of them. But after being scooped up by my wonderful husband, and having super friends to help, I was reminded to:

  • Find that JOY;
  • Feel blessed;
  • Focus on one thing at a time – that ‘other incident’ that was happening in my life;
  • Step back and look at the task(s) ahead;
  • Ask for help and be visible;
  • And, finally, to practice what I preach… that we are never given anything we can’t handle and to believe ‘all will be well.’ And it was!

There is always a beginning, a middle and an end, and each of these stages if taken individually – under grace and in the perfect way – can work in our favour; we just need to believe….


Thank you again for joining my journey and I look forward to hearing from you, hoping you might share your experiences and whether you managed to…find the joy!


With much love and joy,

Lizzie Daniell


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