Finding the joy in accepting with grace!

Finding the joy in accepting with grace!

By Lizzie Daniell

Finding the Joy in Accepting with Grace!

I was recently reminded by a gorgeous friend of mine that giving and receiving are life’s greatest pleasures.

Not sure if you are like me, but I was brought up to believe and remember daily that GIVING is a sense of love, and love is a wonderful feeling that enriches us all, something I covered in one of my earlier blogs.

But is it easy to ACCEPT?  Now that is interesting… isn’t it?

We know the feeling is incredible; it’s the kind of thing that makes the person giving feel valued, joyous and happy they made the effort. So why do we occasionally squirm and make a mockery, or deflect when we are complimented… or is this just me?

Why is it not always easy to open up our heart and mind to accept the gift of receiving?

  • Do we see ourselves as unworthy?
  • No one showed us how to receive?
  • Do we think there is an ulterior motive?
  • Do we feel we need to reciprocate?
  • Did anyone show us how to accept when we were growing up?
  • Do we find it difficult to do ourselves?

It is really interesting, but acceptance is something that I occasionally find difficult to do or practice. When someone says, ‘you did so well’, ‘you look wonderful’, ‘thank you for help, here is a little gift’ – I deflect! Rather than just giving a big smile, showing joy and saying ‘thank you’.

Why do I do that?

Whilst bringing up my two amazing daughters and two wonderful stepsons, I tried to make sure I showed them honour and love and teach them the gift of acceptance (something I was blessed enough to have learnt from my own amazing family), so that they felt enabled to carry on this wonderful tradition – which they often mirror back to me, and others.

Maybe society, where we are in life and difficult situations can sometimes take us away from our truth and this could be where I am sometimes – sorry, kids!!

But a recent experience helped me get back in my truth and practice what I preach.

I had to have an operation (which appeared as a curveball) here in Saudi. I was a little nervous and instead of focusing on positivity and believing that ‘all will be well’ – under grace and in the perfect way! – I decided to lock into the negative situation that was being thrown at me, and I listened to what others would do in my situation (not good).

I suppose I did this as I felt frightened – and a little bit scared – of what was to come, which meant I was not being myself and trusting the universe.  But a little bit of magic, in the shape of a wonderful nurse called Helen at Kingdom Hospital, came into my life. It’s almost as if she knew what I was thinking, knew my fears and what I needed to hear – a little angel sent with joy! She spent so much time with me, reassuring me (before and after the operation), going over and beyond her normal duties with so much care. What a gift! One I truly needed to honour and accept with grace and wonder. Her words, smile, help and general being were just what I needed to remind me that giving and receiving are some of life’s greatest pleasures! (Oh and the operation went really well and I’m now recovering quickly).

I might not always get it right moving forward, but this experience will stay with me and remind me that people on this earth are wonderful and it’s important to accept and show it!

Wishing you all a wonderful December of Giving and Receiving. With so much joy and love until next time.

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