Finding the Joy in a Staycation

Finding the Joy in a Staycation

By Lizzie Daniell

Finding the Joy in staying at home and not travelling! You can you know – apparently!

With Eid just around the corner and summer holidays waiting to happen with anticipation; we all love the prospect of looking forward to travels and holidays. The joy of getting together with family and friends, seeing the world, sitting on a beach and travelling high above the clouds!

But sometimes there is joy in deciding to stay put and just being at home (Staycation it’s called in today’s world I believe) … yes really? It’s just about how we look at things and what we want to achieve when we have time off. Probably absolutely nothing 😀

I don’t know about you, but as expats when you whizz back home – which is a wonderful thing to do – we often find there is no relaxation included, probably of our own making.

It’s wonderful to be blessed with family and friends who want to see us, though we spend much of our time whizzing between ‘pillar and post’ to make sure we see everyone within a short timescale. With laughs and joy obviously; but where does the ‘taking time for oneself come in?’ Not that I am at all complaining, one little bit, I am so blessed to have a family – it just means, where do I find me!

It is very rare that I look at not packing that bag for a long weekend back in the UK or further afield. Cramming in so much to do and people to see (not wanting to let anyone down). The bit I find difficult is deciding to just be and enjoy the comfort of my own home and not looking outward.

Note to self: Something I need to look at as I continue to grow up! 

Do you find it easy, or is it just me?

I’m not called Lizzie Whizz for nothing, but as my wonderful friend Barbara reminded me, its all about choosing ‘self-love’ – even if only occasionally.

It’s not easy to say ‘not this time’ or ‘put oneself above others’, particularly our absent families. But this practice is probably down to what we have been taught (which I love), what we know and are expected to do, plus it’s good to do, right? Well… yes and no!

If we choose self-love, it means I choose me this time and want to listen to how I feel or what my body is telling me – under grace and in the perfect way!

If we are visible to ourselves, others will feel and hear what we are trying to say, without judgement or anger – the words have a sense of presence and somehow get heard in the right way. As opposed to saying yes and then resenting the decision, which then trickles down to those we have decided to spend time with. Which do you think people would prefer – honestly?

It also means that our children, should we be lucky to have them, will hear that as they go through life, it’s okay to say… ‘do you mind if I don’t this time, but soon!’

I preach this to others when asked my opinion, but do I practice it myself?… well I’m learning to, which is not always easy as a mother.

As I sit here in our wonderful garden in Saudi, with the sun just above me and a sense of calm all around; it makes me see why it’s okay to have that ‘staycation’ and honour my own wants with joy and love… occasionally at least.

I know my lovely husband Peter would appreciate me staying still every once in a while and looking inward – as would our grown-up kids! I am learning that by being honest, we acknowledge that we are not superhuman and even though we would truly want to jump on that plane at a drop of a hat, sometimes it’s better for all to stop and stay!

So whatever you decide to do with your travels.. may they come from a choice of worthiness, self-love and joy – I’m going to try and give it a go!

Sending so much joy and love until the next time …..

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