Finding the Joy: From the beginning…

Finding the Joy: From the beginning…

Some of you may know me as Lizzie Daniell, Lizzie Whizz or Lizzie_Zen from my positive reflections posted daily from my home in Saudi Arabia on Instagram/facebook/twitter–a small positive moment shared daily with the social media reading community.

Recently, whilst on an amazing two-week retreat in Bali, someone reminded me to think big, find the joy and be the best version of myself in every situation! A wonderful statement… but not always easy to follow and do.

This has sat with me especially during quiet times; it got me thinking! How do I do this? Keeping those thoughts alive in everything I experience and do. So, I decided that maybe I should look at a different way of expanding my words and thoughts to cover inner expansion and radiate to all. A two-way medium to share – this is how my ‘Finding the Joy” blog and website began.

We all need a gentle reminder at times to help us think about and experience gratitude for what is good in our lives and how that awareness of joy can change a difficult situation.

There is so much joy around us we sometimes need to stop, honour and see it. It is in every situation, around every corner of our community, and in everyone. We often get hung up on the small things and negatives of situations, as past patterns become our first action. Maybe we need to regroup and think about what is really happening here! Stepping back and seeing it through clearer eyes (with our hearts open) is kinder to ourselves. Let’s be honest, if we don’t honour our experiences, who will?

So as I start to think big, whilst remembering the joy, I ask you to do the same. As my newsletter/website grows I would love you to share your thoughtful stories or experiences with me, to help inspire us all. With much love and joy, Lizzie Daniell

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