Finding Joy in the Kindness of Giving

Finding Joy in the Kindness of Giving

By Lizzie Daniell

The feeling is incredible and it’s what we should all do this lifetime!

With Ramadan just around the corner here in Saudi and around the world, I wanted to think about some of the meanings. It’s not just the giving of gifts, that in itself is amazing. It’s about the beauty and joy in the world and how we, as wonderful human beings, can make it so much better for ourselves and for others by GIVING. Stepping out and looking at what we can offer, do and give to other people.

The joy of giving certainly has a lot to give us back! Peace, happiness, smiles, warmth, joy – these are some of the instantness of giving. Giving means helping in a way, which makes us reaffirm the simplest meaning of humanity “Whenever we do, the world sees the difference and our hearts open. Always”.

Giving is a sense of love, and love is a wonderful feeling that enriches us all

Many of the rituals that happen in our everyday lives, help us as a reminder to step outside of ourselves and think of others. Sometimes in difficult situations, it helps us look around and say… I choose others over myself.

Today I choose YOU with all my love!

Many of the religious festivals we celebrate throughout the world all have the same thread running through them. Reminding us to: Think of others; Give to others, Be kind to others. Under grace and in the perfect way, obviously!

Ramadan is an example of this I believe. Not only to test oneself but to have an idea of how others might feel (put yourself in their shoes) esp as we all follow different paths; which teaches us a sense of awareness, kindness, knowledge and how amazing it is to give.

I was lucky enough to be taught this at home as I was growing up, which I hope has continued with me through my life. Not always easy I know, esp if you are down, unhappy or sick of where you are currently in your life – our trials and tribulations! But interestingly, if we are able to do this during those difficult times, it truly helps us get out of our head and feel better. An act of kindness/giving brings joy back into our mind, body, heart and soul.

Why is it that sometimes we allow society to change our true core? Is it because we get carried away with what others are telling us? We shouldn’t you know! We should try to listen to our own inner thoughts as we wake every morning – be the better version of you and all that entails: love, joy, giving, kindness, honouring and respect.

Dictionary meaning of giving:


Lizzie’s meaning: To love yourself enough to give to the world unconditionally!


What is your meaning of GIVING, I’d love to hear your thoughts?

Ways to give:

  • Giving of oneself
  • Giving your time to others
  • Giving gifts
  • Giving love
  • Giving joy
  • Giving happiness
  • Giving thanks
  • Giving Help
  • Giving to yourself
  • Giving a hug

To give is amazing, it comes back to us in so many ways. So try to remember to be open to receive – it is a beautiful gift, and one we all deserve – let it pour in!

So, as we remember the joy of giving and share it with the world, I close for now… until next time, dear friends.


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