Finding joy in the ‘Here and Now’ and celebrating it!

Finding joy in the ‘Here and Now’ and celebrating it!

By Lizzie Daniell

There are always reasons to celebrate, be joyful and thankful for life and nothing is more powerful than doing so ‘every second of every minute of every day’. But is this easy to do, (hmm) especially as life has a way of throwing curveballs when we least expect it?

Those of you who have followed some of my blogs, know that when we choose to celebrate and find joy in where we are, things start to look different and feel better; decisions we make seem to happen for the right reasons, which open up so much more for us than expected. It’s that ‘positive attitude’ thing again that can change a sad, miserable day into a light, happy one! But it is not always easy, I know.

Question: So what can we do to help change negatives to positives….?

My answer: Maybe look within ourselves first, to see if we are being ruled by our head (fear/anxiety/worry) or our heart (truth) and see if we can connect them both to give a more rounded picture of JOY in our Here and Now existence!

The joy of the ‘here and now’ for me in Riyadh at the moment, is having the privilege of mixing with so many amazing people of all nationalities and learning we are all the same when it comes to those curveballs. That by listening, being patient, honest, kind, thankful and positive, we have a chance to shift our energy and celebrate ourselves and others.

When I want/need to shift my energy, I look around me and see what is good in my life to celebrate and what reminds me to smile. At this very point, today, now, in Riyadh… I celebrate:

  • Warm sunny days – no humidity!
  • Peace on the roads – I’m driving
  • FaceTiming family and friends – far and wide
  • The buzz of Oud Square
  • Oz Yoga
  • My gorgeous husband and home
  • Lights in palm trees
  • Green parks
  • Friends
  • Colourful flags waving across the city
  • My wonderful job and colleagues
  • The positive energy shared by others
  • Organic food
  • Daily meditation
  • Friday brunches
  • Riyadh Park Mall

There are always negative things around us and things we choose not to see – maybe because we can’t make a difference, or they upset us. Let’s try not to focus on these, but look at what is good, what we can change and where we can make a difference – under grace and in a positive way, obviously! Try to take small steps in that right direction.

Always remember to LOVE where you are

What do you see today that brings you joy and helps you look differently on the world? I would love to hear how you celebrate finding the joy!

Sending so much love and joy, until next time …..

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