Feed the Need is Back!

Feed the Need is Back!


Feed the Need KSA is proud to announce its project is now registered under the legal umbrella of Bunyan, a Saudi charitable society.

For those who have not heard about us before, we are a community initiative, which was set up in November 2015. Through our fridge project, families and businesses can donate grocery items into our fridges set up across Riyadh and those in need can help themselves. We also assist groups of vulnerable people and families by donating food baskets to their communities and by providing warm meals and food bags to workers and cleaners around Riyadh.


  1. We currently have eight running fridges you can donate to. (Please see attached map for fridge locations, note fridges will not accept cooked food, ideally biscuits, fruits, vegetables drinks & dry foods)
  2. If you would like to sponsor a fridge in your area, please contact us!
  3. If there is an existing fridge in your area, please let us know!
  4. If you would like to contribute financially, we can now accept donations: First Bank SA77 5000 0000 0106 6052 2003
  5. If you would like to volunteer please send a short resume to our email address.

And if you can help support the distribution of food bags and hot meals to people in need, please contact us!


If you would like to know more, please contact us Email: feedtheneed.ksa@gmail.com

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