Empowering Women

Empowering Women

By Sairah Zubair Khan & Faiqa Zubair Khan

                                                  I really identify with the concept on the left, the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi. It really makes sense to me, that what breaks us, somehow makes us more beautiful…

How can one woman empower another? An interesting concept to reflect on, I feel.

Yet it got me thinking about my own relationship, with my daughter.

Do I empower her to achieve greatness or do I hinder her, with my worries for her future? I often think back to how my Mother raised me. I would like to think, that I am from a line of strong women. From my Grandmother, to my Mother, to my daughter and me. In our own unique way, we have dealt with struggle and adversity, yet our fighting spirit remains.

How did each generation support one another? By being generous with praise, having ‘each other’s backs,’ and having hope that your child would achieve more than you…

My daughter often shares with me, her anecdotes about school life and I remind her the core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and respect amongst her female friends.

She has come to realise an important life lesson. When you do well in something, how many people are there to support you and lift you? Do they join in and congratulate you, or stay on the side-lines and sulk at your victory?       

I really believe in the adage of a kind heart. Beauty without a kind heart is like having no soul. I have a female friend, she has recently moved here from Ireland. When I see and greet her, a smile and giggle escapes from my lips. Her eyes are so twinkly, I am certain she will tell me a funny story or joke!

She often complains, I didn’t say anything yet?! I lovingly tell her every time, habibiti you don’t need to! I know what you are about to say will crack me up every time. To have friends like this is a blessing, a joy in life.

This is how women empower each other, they make you feel good about yourself, without even trying.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th Of March 2019, we have to remember what makes us strong? As women, we all have many roles that we perform daily, and even in our lowest moments we put each other’s needs first.

We are selfless to the core, yet we underestimate and sometimes undervalue our integral role in society.

We should always be valued and empowered, especially by each other.  

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