Taste of Dilli Restaurant – Review

Taste of Dilli Restaurant – Review

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Taste of Dilli Restaurant, Olaya, Riyadh.

Spoilt for choice. This is our overall impression of Dilli’s new, authentic North Indian menu. What a refreshing change too, to find almost every item on the menu to be a new, authentic dish that we had not tried before. It was difficult not to order a little something from every section of the menu. Unsurprisingly, the size of our take-home bag was testament to our somewhat unsuccessful resistance.


On arrival, our charming host thoughtfully refreshed us with a lovely watermelon and curiously-pleasing basil seed juice. Every course to follow provides you with something novel, beginning with sweet, papaya chutney with the driest, crispiest pappadoms. Sample more than one starter – savoury flakes of Papdi Chat topped with curried potato, tamarind chutney and yoghurt, Jhinga Dilli fat, crispy, spiced shrimps, plus Gosht Ke Galouti – finest, traditional, spiced lamb kebabs with saffron-infused rotis.


You will find selecting your main course something of a challenge as there are so many interesting and unusual dishes. Don’t neglect to try the fish masala biryani, which is sealed with a thin, crusty layer of bread, exposing at your table the still-steaming, finely separated, long grains of fragrant, basmati rice. There are various chicken options including Kasturi Murgh Tikka, deliciously prepared with fenugreek and cheese. The mixed bread basket includes buttery rotis and fluffy naans, which combine wonderfully with the Palak Paneer – an extremely generous helping of creamed spinach paste hiding soft, plump pieces of Indian cheese. Kachumber salad with zesty lemon and coriander adds a refreshing dimension, complementing the meat dishes.


The restaurant staff are delightful, gentle and informative. They will tell you some of the mysteries of their chef’s exotic dishes and serve you in a most gentile manner. They will persuade you to try Gulab Jamun for dessert, served warm with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream. Do so. Resistance is futile.

A Leyla wa Leyla.

Taste of Dilli Restaurant




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