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Chopped KSA

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Review by Maria Cometti

This past weekend we barbequed with friends, and my husband was responsible to bring the meat for grilling. I was expecting the standard quality local beef and packs of marinated chicken from the grocery. To my most pleasant surprise, the meat he served was like nothing I had tasted before in Saudi Arabia. The beef was “melt in your mouth” tender and the chicken and beef sausages were deliciously seasoned. He even grilled stuffed mushrooms and twice baked potato’s that seemed to have been prepared for a fine dining restaurant. I had to find out where my husband bought this delicious fare so I could spread the word!


If you haven’t been to Chopped butchery, consider this a personal invitation to Check It Out! You are sure to feel welcomed by their friendly and knowledgeable English speaking staff. Anyone who appreciates high quality, grass-fed meats and organic chicken will surly fall in love with this Riyadh Butchery. Their daily pre-packed and marinated options are perfect for the barbeque or times you are too busy to cook. Just light up the grill and voila!


WSB had the pleasure to catch up with Mr. Zeid AlAhmad, Chopped’s Managing Director, to learn more about Chopped KSA and their exciting developments here in Riyadh.

What inspired the creation of Chopped KSA?

Pure passion to the products especially high quality beef!! We are all foodies and wanted to share this love with everyone else.

You have only been open one year. What has been the response to Chopped in the local market?

Response has been overwhelming positive. I believe that the support, kind words, and positive feedback we got from Chopped clients this year has built an unbreakable bond between us and our clients. I feel we are more loyal towards them than they are to us and hence keep on pushing us to offer them better quality and service.

What sets Chopped apart from the other butcheries in Riyadh?

Mainly the quality of all products we carry. We pride ourselves in the high quality products we get, and also the highly knowledgeable and experienced staff. We try to create a positive response to every Chopped client not just another ‘quick run to the grocery store’.



What is your most popular meat?

Chopped burger has been our best-selling every month since the day we have opened. We only use the highest quality beef and the best cuts to make the burger.

There is growing concern about meat quality and ensuring animals are humanely raised. Is the care of animals reflected in the taste of meat?

Of course it is, we deal with only the best farms around the world that ensures that the animals are humanely raised. Most of our beef is hormone and antibiotic free. The feed that the cattle eat is of high quality grains or grass which is reflected in the quality. Moreover the cattle stress levels are also monitored by the farms as it reflects on the tenderness of the beef, so they make sure that all cattle is comfortable, and stress free.

You have a new location opening soon, can you tell us about it?

We have upgraded the concept a bit, the focus will always be the butchery but we have added more variety and options for our clients to make their experience more comfortable and easy – one stop shop for all their needs. We have added a deli and filled it with beautiful French, Italian, and local cheeses. It will also have some mouthwatering dried beef and cold cuts. We will have more sauces, more breads, some frozen sea food, and many more surprises that will hopefully meet the standards and expectations of all Chopped clients.

Thank you Mr. Zeid for answering our questions and for bringing Chopped KSA to Riyadh!

Fore more information:
+966 11 415 2168
King Abdul Aziz Rd, Salah Ad Din, Riyadh 12434
HOURS 9am- 10pm

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