On the footsteps of history

WSB Admin 29/01/2019 0

By Maryann Horne Just scratch the surface. No, go on… Literally ! Less than half a minute later, a perfectly shaped seashell emerged from the rock that my daughter had cut out armed with…

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The raw beauty of Tabuk

WSB Admin 27/10/2018 0

By Munira Patel A few weeks back, over the Saudi National weekend, we travelled back to Tabuk for the second time in the two years that we have been living in Saudi. We happen…

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Exploring the Kingdom’s gems

WSB Admin 26/09/2018 0

By Maryann Horne A few choice words. That was my response when my husband announced we were going to Riyadh. Certainly not the place we had dreamt of. But two years on, Saudi Arabia…

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The Alhambra and General Life

WSB Admin 23/09/2018 0

By Sairah Zubair Khan The Alhambra is known by many names, Qalat Al Hamra, The Red One, ‘A Pearl set in Emeralds’. It comprises a series of palaces, used for leisure purposes by the…

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DIY Budget Guide to Tbilisi, Georgia

WSB Admin 23/09/2018 0

By Sarah Kaleem Ahmed After Georgia opened its doors to the world and granted visa on arrival for GCC citizens and residents, the country has become a home to the ever growing tourists and naturally,…

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Take a selfie at Santorini

WSB Admin 22/09/2018 0

By Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe Santorini is sure to be on your bucket list for its picturesque sunsets, stunning views and selfie-ready iconic white churches with blue domes. Located in Greece’s Cyclades Islands, Santorini is a…

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The Caspian Sea Vs The Black Sea

WSB Admin 28/08/2018 0

Planning my summer trip this year to the Caucasus region, I knew that I had to tick off at least two items off my bucket list: visiting the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.…

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Forte Village on Sardinia’s southern coast

WSB Admin 30/05/2018 0

EXCITING SUMMER EXPERIENCES FROM THE TRAVEL COLLECTION – As many of you are planning to escape the Saudi summer heat, we are pleased to share some interesting and fun travel options for all the…

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Discovering the UAE by Road

WSB Admin 30/04/2018 0

by Sairah Zubair Khan Mama, Baba….. We are going to be so bored over Easter! What are we going to do?! Thus began our holidays from school. Two weeks of discovering the UAE by…

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