My take on the tastiest British desserts

WSB Admin 23/09/2019 0

By Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe This month, I would like to pay tribute to my new (future) home country and celebrate their many delicious desserts I adore. I first heard about some of them through the…

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Visit Bulgaria, the jewel of Europe

WSB Admin 27/05/2019 0

By Rositsa Dorovska Are you planning a European escape from the upcoming heat, this summer? Sandy beaches, green mountains, hot springs, spa and wellness services, urban vibes, cosy atmosphere…If your vacation dreams are made…

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Al Batha 2019

WSB Admin 27/05/2019 0

By Nyree Cox The Al Batha neighbourhood is in southern Riyadh. It’s crowded, chaotic, colourful and comprises different ethnic areas – each exploding with its own cuisine and culture. Nations including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,…

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Tantalising Tanzania

WSB Admin 25/05/2019 0

By Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe I had been dreaming of an African safari since my teens. Inspired by the many wildlife movies set there, books I had read and pictures I had seen, it was always…

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Thomas the Tank Engine in Saudi Arabia

WSB Admin 30/04/2019 0

By Maryann Horne They say that people don’t take trips. Trips take people. And if Saudi Arabia is a book, those who don’t travel have only read a page of it. It was week…

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On the footsteps of history

WSB Admin 29/01/2019 0

By Maryann Horne Just scratch the surface. No, go on… Literally ! Less than half a minute later, a perfectly shaped seashell emerged from the rock that my daughter had cut out armed with…

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The raw beauty of Tabuk

WSB Admin 27/10/2018 0

By Munira Patel A few weeks back, over the Saudi National weekend, we travelled back to Tabuk for the second time in the two years that we have been living in Saudi. We happen…

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Exploring the Kingdom’s gems

WSB Admin 26/09/2018 0

By Maryann Horne A few choice words. That was my response when my husband announced we were going to Riyadh. Certainly not the place we had dreamt of. But two years on, Saudi Arabia…

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The Alhambra and General Life

WSB Admin 23/09/2018 0

By Sairah Zubair Khan The Alhambra is known by many names, Qalat Al Hamra, The Red One, ‘A Pearl set in Emeralds’. It comprises a series of palaces, used for leisure purposes by the…

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