Recipes: B like Bulgarian banitsa

WSB Admin 27/09/2019 0

By Rositsa Dorovska Bulgarian cuisine has many signature meals. Most of them are typical for the whole Balkan region with local variations and specifics. When you have to opt for one speciality only, that…

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Recipes: Tasty date recipes

WSB Admin 23/09/2019 0

By Sairah Zubair Khan After opening the fast in Ramadan, my mind would wander to sweet treats! How can I treat myself and my family but be healthy at the same time? I think…

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The Saudi Cultural Heritage Cookbook project

WSB Admin 25/08/2019 0

By Sahar El Jamal I am Sahar El Jamal, a mom of two wonderful daughters, with a great passion for providing an extraordinary food experience. I started Nouraya Gourmet, as a home-based catering company,…

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Recipe – Sambusa and Vegetable Rolls

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By Kelly Downing One of the hallmarks of an iftar meal is finger food, or small bites, to ease into breaking the fast.  Samboosas are the common go-to and are seen on most iftar…

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