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Reinventing Yourself

WSB Admin 25/02/2019 0

By Kelly Downing Is it a blessing or a curse to find yourself in Saudi Arabia unable to legally work?  A curse of boredom and uselessness or a blessing of the opportunity to reinvent yourself…

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WSB Inspiring Women: Aahd Kadiri

WSB Admin 23/09/2018 3

Tell us about yourself? I am an animal lover and rescuer since my childhood; I started rescuing in Saudi Arabian in 2009 as soon as I arrived in Riyadh. I am a wife and…

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Home Business Spotlight: Um Saboon Soap

WSB Admin 29/05/2018 0

Interview by Maria Cometti I’m often on the look-out for unique local items to gift family and friends. It was at the last Kingdom Coffee Morning that I was introduced to Um Saboon Soaps.…

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Cake & Crumbles

WSB Admin 30/11/2016 1

Starting a home-based business can be a great way for women to harness their talent and generate an income. Especially for moms with young children, the flexibility of self-employment can be a major benefit.…

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Scrumptious Home Business

Bana Masri 14/12/2015 2

Profile Name: Zenah Kazim Business Created: 2010 Genre: Desserts Instagram: Scrumptious_ksa Can you tell us a little about Scrumptious? I founded Scrumptious in 2013, it is a home based organic dessert bakery which caters to everyone wanting to…

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Defining Two Artists: Alma Sarac and Nyree Cox

WSB Admin 24/11/2015 0

The artist: Alma Sarac studied Fine Art and painting in Sarajevo, where she grew up. She moved to Australia in 1991 but once war broke out in Bosnia, she and her husband were forced to stay for… Read more