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Grow your own business at SHEWORKS, Riyadh

WSB Admin 27/05/2019 0

By Maha Shirah Sheworks is a co-working space for women, probably the first in Riyadh. It is licensed by “Monshaat” the Small & Medium Enterprises Authority and Riyadh Municipality. Our mission is to help…

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Keep calm and embrace Ramadan

WSB Admin 28/04/2019 0

By Rositsa Dorovska  With the Holy month of Ramadan approaching, like every year, expats from all nationalities and religions, around the Gulf, are getting involved with the preparation. For a newcomer, though, the first Ramadan…

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A letter to yourself

WSB Admin 21/04/2019 0

By Nadeen Fathima Dear *the one reading this*,   Hey, you there! Yes, you! How have you been doing in life? Perhaps a lot happier, or maybe a little sad? Whatever it is,I hope…

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How to tackle your child‘s homesickness

WSB Admin 18/12/2018 0

By Rositsa Dorovska Moving abroad is always an enriching and exciting experience. Nevertheless, it can be stressful at the beginning. One may find difficulties to adapt to a new environment and people, while missing home,…

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Managing Academic Stress

WSB Admin 17/12/2018 0

By Sahar Nadeem HOW CAN I MANAGE ACADEMIC STRESS Make it work for you… a little stress is healthy…. Stress as a physical, mental, or emotional response to events that causes bodily or mental…

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Finding the Joy: From the beginning…

WSB Admin 26/08/2018 0

Some of you may know me as Lizzie Daniell, Lizzie Whizz or Lizzie_Zen from my positive reflections posted daily from my home in Saudi Arabia on Instagram/facebook/twitter–a small positive moment shared daily with the…

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