Building a community out of your community

Building a community out of your community

By Rositsa Dorovska

We live in a multicultural world,  whether we like it or not. Travelling and communicating has never been easier, thanks to modern transport and technology. In the morning you can have breakfast in your hometown, but  you may end the day on another continent.

The more you are globetrotting, the more you‘ll feel the need of уour roots and identity. Though not everyone is admitting it, the sense of belonging is very important for all of us.

Life may tear you apart from your family, relatives and friends, but it‘s up to you to turn that situation into a privilege. If you are an expat or on a temporary assignment somewhere, you have to use all opportunities for socialization. If you are open-minded enough, with the time you‘ll feel connected and comfortable within your new “habitat“. This is the best favour you can gift yourself, to overcome the nostalgia and the homesickness. Another possibiltity is to look for your fellows and to create a community outside of your community.

When I first came to Riyadh, I assumed there has to be just a few Bulgarians in Saudi Arabia. A relatively small nation, we are widespread all over the world, so I told myself, I should patiently wait for my compatriots to show up. But instead of just waiting, I have decided to act, with the creation of a facebook group, aiming to gather the Bulgarians in the Kingdom, to network us. We are still a handful, but a consolidated group. We have regular coffee meetings, and we are supporting each other when needed. The outcome of the FB group is beyond positive, the members are getting more active and interested in the events in our community or organized by the embassy. As a wife of the consul at the very first embassy of Bulgaria in KSA, I was excited by my idea to establish our diaspora, with the strong belief that human capital is the most valuable asset. The networking online is just the beginning, because nothing can replace the face-to-face contact. What is best is that you are sharing a common culture and languagе, which can help one a lot in a foreign environment. Knowing you are not the only one, usually brings consolation. Knowing that you are part of a community, makes you more conscious and a responsible member.

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